I want to be on TED Talks!

Yep, new vlog of mine!

Although I didn’t share my recent videos lately in recent posts, I’ve been keeping on vlogging and I’ve kept on updating my Vlogging Channel blog page 🙂 So keep checking on the page or simply subscribe on YouTube!

Thanks for your support as always 😉

An Evil Nymph.

8 thoughts on “I want to be on TED Talks!

  1. I love this, especially the part about inspiring others with whatever you end up doing. Just out of curiosity, what do you think about the idea that Arts and Sciences are conflicting? As someone like you who enjoys both the Arts and the Sciences, I find it a silly notion, but I know many people who are evidence for the theory by being skilled and interested in one or the other only.

    1. Thank you! Hehe you know I had this arts vs. sciences mindset as well some time ago but I’ve finally realised that they intersect at some point. For sure they have their differences but they are also very similar, and also, their differences kind of compensate with each other’s missing pieces… if that makes any sense… so I think that we should embrace both together and stop separating them, especially at school when subject combinations have to be made.

  2. I love TED Talks too, they are awesome, so educational! I’m sure you will do a TED talk one day – why not? Dream big!! Psychology and writing are perfect partners, writing without any understanding of psychology and caring about the human condition is really very lifeless, the worst kind of writing. Novels and movies are so much better when they contain a level of psychology about the characters! 🙂

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