Is It Love Or Idolatry?

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~ Being a future psychology student, I decided to create a new category of posts here on An Evil Nymph’s Blog which will be dealing with some of my weird and crazy theories of life and people. For fun, of course since I don’t have a degree yet. Also I’m not trying to make generalisations and it’ll be best that, as you read on, you imagine putting in the word ‘maybe’ in every sentence. These are only my 19 year old opinions. Anyway, scroll down at your own risk… and enjoy! ~


Love and idolatry can easily be merged together and at that point it is very difficult even to tell them apart.

However that’s exactly what I’ll try to do.

Going directly to the point, I believe that the main difference between those two states, which lovers can easily fall in either way, is the degree of communication.

Comparing two people who love each other and those who idolise each other: in the former relationship, the feeling of love grows as the communication and how much they know each other grows, while in the latter, not only there may be stagnant communication but accompanied with an increase in an artificial ideal of the other.

Nevertheless, it’s usually more complicated and confusing than that… as often it is love itself which transforms into idolatry and this is where the lover gets lost… Has love disappeared yet? Is the other put on a godly pedestal? Or is that idolatry still inoffensive, only being a sign of that greater love?



Before love becomes idolatry, the lover wants to know everything about the other. Fascinated by her, he wants to get closer, to talk to her, to… Well, I believe you all already know what it is to fall in love and how the first stages come as a kind of chase. The distance between the two gradually become smaller and of course, communication increases.

The lover becomes the idol worshipper only if, once the chase is over, once he gets the other’s love at its fullest, it all stops. The knowledge they have about each other stops growing. They become a stable couple, yet without having taken enough additional time to discover each other more, and that would be mainly because both might believe that they already know everything.

It is then that the idolatry kicks in. Without any of them knowing, a kind of wall, or mainly staircase, starts surfacing between them, building an invisible distance again, almost like the one which was present during the chase, though not quite like it.

The most dangerous stage of the idolatry comes when the worshipper starts to imagine the other with exaggerated qualities, distorting the true character and personality of the person. This actually happens due to the lack of more information on the other; love needs to be fed with images of the other, so if communication doesn’t grow, it will be the brain of the worshipper itself which will compensate…

Distortion of memories, fake proofs from the few yet gradually hyperbolic signs from the other; illusions of the mind which simply wants to be filled…

In extreme cases this can lead to a kind of blockage between the two lovers, as the more the mind is fed, the further away one will be from the other’s true self. Imagine a wall of glass between them, thickening and thickening… That’s exactly what’s happening.

And the worst is yet to come: the very last stage, destructive and traumatising, that of disillusionment.

Oh yeah, that’s a very nasty fall. Hearts and bones all broken. Perhaps not even curable.

If love is love and does not fall into idolatry at all, it is very unlikely for it to become hatred, in any crisis possible.

On the other hand, with the poison of idolatry…

Hatred may either come after the disillusionment or during a sudden fit of envy… envious of the other because to one’s eyes the other is an ideal… while the worshipper is lowered…

Therefore either way hatred becomes the new passion.

Oh and what is the link between the disillusionment and hatred, you may ask? Well, in that case, hatred is simply a very expressive way for your mind to tell you:



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An Evil Nymph.

6 thoughts on “Is It Love Or Idolatry?

  1. This sort of disillusionment usually comes from one gender because they get carried away with their expectations. At the very end what you stated was right, the fog of disillusionment gradually fades and triggers your resentment for your idol and stupidity I suppose for failing to notice either. I would only accept mutual affection and appreciation, and it’s always evident to catch the one lopsided. Personally I wouldn’t be able to accept a girl being overly-attached or affectionate when its not correlative to my reaction. It feels saddening at best to see someone idolize you when you don’t feel the same, that’s because its just a lead on and the desire was for something entirely different than the person as a whole. You don’t want to subject people or yourself to that level of appreciation. So I would suggest you discover the nature of someone before initiating your disillusionment.

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