I Feel Busy

I think it’s psychological. I feel that I’m busy although I’m not.

I don’t have school and, except on the days that I go out with friends, stay at home most of the time! I’m still doing my Goodreads reading challenge 2014 and my 100happydays challenge on Instagram, but I’ve finished my bigger projects such as my Model Photography one and writing a 100k novel, which I’m revising on a few occasions.

Clearly, for me that lifestyle doesn’t define ‘busy’ at all.

I’m actually on a long vacation which extends from high school graduation to going to university.

Yet I feel busy and that’s because, in my opinion:

1. I think way too much (as the slogan of this blog says haha)

2. Especially that there’s only 29 days left before I hop on the plane to go to Malaysia, where I’ll do my tertiary studies… (at Monash)

3. And I’m also so excited about it that I can’t stop daydreaming about my new life including the details of my arrival and more, even the difficulties I might face and all. I just can’t stop visualizing everything.

4. Then, I also keep in mind in details everything that I should bring or not bring with me, the things that I should put in my suitcase or carry on bag, and everything I yet have to buy (basic last minute stuff like deodorant) .

5. And once those lists are done I get frustrated because I can’t fill up my suitcase completely for the moment because I’m still wearing and using the things I’m supposed to pack.

6. And I realised how 29 days leaves me much time, but also how there’s so little left…

Thus, under the impression that I’m busy, I almost forgot to blog. Weekly Photo Challenges and Psychology series alike. Well I guess I did, but I’m catching up now! 😀

And if you think that I’m actually busy with all this stuff going on in my mind… well, I know that this is nothing compared to the amount of work that awaits me at university including the amount of energy I will have to spend to be able to live on my own.


Anyway, the busy life always attracts me, in fact sometimes I believe I may be a workaholic, since I seem to constantly look for stuff to do, instead of embracing idleness, which my brain seems to fear, in truth.


I think WAY too much 😉

And here’s how my crazy thoughts led to this video:

An Evil Nymph.

2 thoughts on “I Feel Busy

  1. Loved your video… Hopefully you wouldn’t quite say your name that way… 😀 Very funny, Daph.!
    Good luck with all your busyness. If I may suggest, it may be wise to slow down somewhat; though I believe that would be like asking the wind to stop; expecting a wave to freeze; or asking a Daph to stop being a Daph..
    All the best to you on your wonderful journey…

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