My Inner Critic

Sometimes it happens that I compare my work to others’. Don’t you?

And sometimes it makes me see my work like something which isn’t even worth to be called ‘work’, you know what I mean?

That’s what happened when I watched my previous and old videos (out of boredom) on YouTube… I suddenly found so many flaws in every vlog and I wasn’t even proud of any of them anymore.

My oral English skills aren’t even that good, are they? I’m such a bad actress, ain’t I? No drama/performing arts club would ever accept me, right?

However, instead of being down and angry, I was immediately motivated to do better videos next time. And when I mean ‘immediately’… I meant that I put down an idea on paper right away and acted it out the very next day… I mean, morning.

And here’s the video:

Yeah, tip: if you’re out of ideas, make something about being out of ideas; if you’re being overwhelmed by your inner critic, yeah make something about that! 😉

Frankly, I never thought I would have been that person one day; I never thought that seeing what I do as being ‘bad’ would push me to work harder and make a better job the next time. I always thought I was the kind who would end up being depressed and discouraged… well, maybe I was like that before, I can’t remember.

But the most important thing is that I’m not now. I’m stronger.



An Evil Nymph.

8 thoughts on “My Inner Critic

  1. Your Oral English is very good – I have no problems understanding everything you say Daphnee. To put that in context… when I switch into pure London-speak my Scottish cousin can’t understand me and I know of English people who have trouble understand Scots when they speak! As another example, my Indian colleagues refer to Today Morning when I would use This morning – sometimes the idiom is born out of the way that grammar is taught at school and also the ‘slang’ way we shorten things in everyday English speech. My wife, like you, has to think in two languages – her native Shona and in English. Her English is often better than mine because she doesn’t use all those little shorthand words and sentences that a native born Londoner would use. I enjoy the way you put your ideas across – sure, grow as you gain experinece but don’t be too ready to throw out things that your audience may be enjoying 🙂

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