I Missed My Blog’s 3rd Anniversary!!!

So An Evil Nymph’s blog turned 3 on the 1st August… and I totally missed it! I mean, I knew I knew it but on the very day I just forgot about it! I can’t believe it!

I guess I’m getting pretty occupied by my studies 😛 I even forgot to share my very first video in Malaysia here with you… So here it is, one week later:

Anyway, to get back to the subject… I’ve been blogging for 3 years already! Wow! And so much has happened in those years! New hobbies arise every time… and this time, a new living environment for me as well.

I actually had to go to my school’s organized Kuala Lumpur tour for the international students on Saturday so I also guess that I was so excited about that the day before that I forgot about the anniversary xP But to compensate, here are a few photos of the beautiful country I now am in:


petronas towers

And my favourite self-portrait of the tour:

kuala lumpur

And my favourite food!!!!!!!!!! KOREAN SUSHI!!! Called gimbad or something like that… I think xP

korean food

So… happy birthday my dear blog 🙂

And have all a great week!

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “I Missed My Blog’s 3rd Anniversary!!!

  1. oooh you are so small and you are so cute
    I like it and happy anniversary 🙂 🙂
    do you remember me

  2. Nice photos and fun vlog. That Malaysian Sushi looks great 🙂 Nice color laptop too – Acer do good kit so you should be very pleased with it 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary! Great that you’r keeping this up, it’s not always easy to blog with all of life’s changes.

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