Sayonara! I’m Turning Japanese!

So I’m currently in a phase where I’m craving for Japanese stuff… mainly, food stuff.

I believe it all started with a Japanese restaurant called M.O.F in which I bought a dish called ‘Shiro Maguro Shogayaki Jyu’. Yeah, whatever that means, it was delicious!

Shiro Maguro Shogayaki Jyu

Then, I also noticed that lately I’ve been fond of Japanese authors, especially because each of the few books I read that was translated from Japanese always brought me into a weird but beautifully poetic story.

And I’m reading Murakami at the moment, the famous 1Q84!


And with that, I’m using a manga-styled bookmark!


So today I decided to invest more into my Japanese craze… and guess what I found…



This very delicious Japanese snack is called Takoyaki 🙂 And I chose the original flavour, which is octopus! These balls are indeed filled with grilled octopus!

octopus takoyaki


Then, I went to a comic store. A manga store!!!! Fortunately I’m not that of a fan of manga/anime, or else…

Because, here’s how’s the place…

Comic paradise

Shelves and shelves and shelves of these kinds everywhere!!!!

And they’re cheap!

But it’s too bad I can’t read Mandarin!!! (or whatever Asian language…) 😦

So I bought a notebook instead, based on one of my favourite animes (well, basically of all I’ve watched, which is very little), Black Butler!

Black Butler

And here’s the inside pages!!!

black butler notebook

It just makes me feel so good… I’ll never find anything like this in Mauritius haha!

Now, there’s one last big step I need to make in order to complete and end (or not) my Japanese craving…

High class sushi!!!!!

sushi king

Anyway… have a great week everyone!

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “Sayonara! I’m Turning Japanese!

  1. real Japanese food is the raw stuff like a sashimi or sushi, don’t waste time trying those fried stuff, must as well eating Chinese fried food which is better, if you eat Japanese fried or cooked food only !

  2. Manga is a very interesting art form. Around a dozen years or so ago one of my work colleagues introduced me to Manga as that was his hobby. I was surprised at the blend of honour, sex and mythical beasts fed in to the mix. It was an interesting experience. As for eating Octopus… sorry, I’ll hide behind my vegetarian preferences on that one 😉 I hope your studies are progressing well 🙂

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