The Busy Life of An Evil Nymph

Hey guys!

I know, don’t throw tomatoes at me. I haven’t been blogging at all since this uni semester started. Ironically, today is the last day of my one-week mid-sem break and it is only today that I finally decided to write here again! Don’t worry I am not quitting blogging; it’s just that my schedule has become very… unstable.

I was going through my old notes last night and I saw this excerpt from one of my Instagram #100happydays challenge image caption that I had written offline because Instagram had shut down at that time:

Have some of us become so pathetic that they can’t live without social media? Are we that desperately dependent upon sharing on the net? Is this what’s truly life?

I suddenly am even more impatient to start university. Or else people will have to literally rip my face off the screen.

This was written about one year ago. Now here am I, neglecting all my online social networks, except for Instagram I’d say but Instagram has become more like a supplement to life, not a dominant platform, while I’m completely immersed in a busy real kind of a life.

Half a semester has passed already and I feel that I’ve done so much! That’s because I’m…

1. In the Performing Arts Club!

Especially as a committee member, I’ve a lot to do and tons to enjoy 🙂

General meeting on Mondays, committee meetings on Tuesday, after meeting dinners and paperwork: yes very busy, but at least in something I love!


2. Volunteering on Fridays

Yes, thanks to my university’s volunteering program, I help out in Bangsa Ria every Friday, a kind of home for people with special needs such as autistic children. For me, it’s a plus because I’m doing Psychology and I want to gain exposure to have an idea of what may be waiting for me when I’ll start working. Besides, you can never go wrong in wanting to help others 🙂

Bangsa Ria

DISCLAIMER: Source of the image – Bangsa Ria’s Facebook 

3. Doing the usual school assignments

Of course, in university this is what takes most of our time: assignments! One month was enough to make us all go crazy, especially in the School of Arts, where assignments not only account for a significant percentage of our final grade, but also come with the thickest of readings to do!


Okay, I know that’s a nice photo, but I didn’t take any photo while I was studying. Because, you know, it’s the studying that matters 😛

4. Doing groceries (like the real thing!) and cooking

As you know, I’ve started cooking so yeah especially at the start of the semester I would be so into cooking that I’d even bring my own lunch to school 🙂 That was until my assignments took over my life. Anyway, it’s still a pleasure to make something edible out of scratch, although sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way I want it. Hey, I’m still learning!

miso soup homemade

Homemade miso soup! (Yes I’m sticking to cooking Japanese food. When I want to eat something else, I go out)

5. Travelling!

This was especially during the mid-sem break when my friends and I went to Cameron Highlands!!! It was awesome!

cameron highlands

I also traveled around Kuala Lumpur itself, and most specifically re-discovered my Chinese roots in Chinatown!

petaling street

In all, this half-semester was pretty much fulfilling 🙂

So sorry I haven’t been blogging!

I will still blog from time to time but with a schedule as full as mine, don’t expect regularity, but instead the unexpected!

Have a great week! (Or should I say ‘month’? Haha)

An Evil Nymph.

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