Instagram As My Micro-blogging Platform?!

As expected, I did not keep blogging regularly.Unless you considered at least one post per month to be regular and consistent, I guess. Oh well, life. School is making me crazy at the moment.

Then, today, something peculiar crossed my mind as I uploaded my latest Instagram post, which is this one by the way:


#Volunteering at Bangsa Ria, an organization for people with special needs, has been one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had. It wasn’t easy; it wasn’t all roses.
But it was worth it.
As one of the #MUVP groups, we hope we’ve made a difference as little as it might have been.
This is a #handcrafted#rose made by the BR members, which I bought today as an additional contribution and just because. It’s so #beautiful 🙂
#charity #foragoodcause #art #nature #monashmalaysia

Okay, I might sound stupid, but this was the first time that I realised that all this time I was actually micro-blogging on Instagram.

I realised it at that particular moment because I was hanging out with my friends in the school library, ‘doing’ our assignments, and I had decided to take a break and post the photo. The thing is posting on Instagram is something I actually rarely do when I’m around people and I believe that’s because I’ve grown used to taking my time in choosing the right photo, the right framing/cropping for the Instagram squared format, the right caption… Today I was with two of my closest friends, who kinda know how picky and weirdly ‘business-like’ I am during my ‘Instagram-ing’ process…

I even regulate the time interval between my Instagram posts and have specific time frames for posting… almost like a schedule…

Exactly like how I used to blog.

I used to be a very active blogger, posting and reading posts every time, just like now I’m uploading photos on Instagram and checking out others’ as well. I used to have a specific schedule, which was flexible, but still… For example, every Friday I would do the weekly Picture it & Write challenge (hosted by and every Wednesday I’d post my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge (or was it the other way round? XD) and then within an interval of 2 days I would throw in some random post about me, my thoughts, my life…

While I wasn’t picky about the quality of my writing (keepin’ it very casual), I was picky about the topic I wanted to write about. Now, on Instagram, although I don’t mind not having high quality photos (my phone is still stuck with the good old 8MP back camera and 2MP front camera), I’m very conscious about the way I present the photo along with the caption, because in the end, just like blogging, all I want to do is to be able to express myself, share my thoughts and feelings, in the right way that I want them to be projected.

My posts, whether in photographic or written form, are meant to convey meanings, not to show off pretty or cool stuff.

So yeah, now that I think about it, I actually have been blogging constantly since I came to Malaysia, just not on WordPress. With that busy international student life, I can only write quick short posts with a nice photo that usually compensates for the remaining 1000 words that were meant to be written.


For me, sincerely, this word has always been associated with Twitter, and while I mention it, I actually am pretty active on Twitter, but I don’t believe that I use Twitter as a micro-blogging platform, at least not from my above definition of my blogging process, being macro or micro. Twitter for me is more like… a platform where I throw in random stuff, whenever, whatever, especially when I neither feel like the information I want to share is meant for Facebook or Instagram or WordPress, like certain quick rants or short quotes or little thoughts or link shares.

So, yes, I now officially declare my Instagram as my official micro-blogging site. 

Though, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop doing the real thing, blogging here. WordPress remains my main blogging platform, but the schedule is now being changed: I will probably post here either every 2-3 weeks or monthly. After all, if I make so much fuss when preparing a micro-blog post, imagine me when I do think of a blog post idea for An Evil Nymph’s blog!

It’s just the way I work and I like it that way so far.

Oh, so if you haven’t yet and want to follow me on Instagram, here’s my username: dkwaye

If you wanna check out my very random Twitter: @DaphYin

And if you wanna support the real blog further, click here for the facebook page!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

An Evil Nymph.

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