My Last Week As A First Year Student


Round of applause in the auditorium as the last minute of Film Studies class ticked off. It was also the end of our final class test, and since we don’t have any exams for this unit, it was definitely the last glimpse I would ever have of Film Studies.

It took me back to last semester’s TV studies, which is the matching unit for Film, except that this time it was definitely over. Lectures that were basically movie screening times are over. No more watching movies as homework, for assignment research, or for revision.

First year is over. The scoring and easy parts of university work are done.


We also clapped after our last World Politics lecture. Short and sweet class. That’s how my friends and I ended up in the library and I decided that I wanted mugshots hehe.

Mondays have always been my favourite days. Not only because of the idea of starting the week with a movie in the Film lecture, but also because it is the only day when I meet all my friends. Not only in class, but also in our Monash Performing Arts Club weekly meetings 🙂 This semester, as a committee member, I feel even more grateful.


It started with a short and sweet tutorial class, the last one for World Politics (as you might have guessed from the beginning of the sentence). While I might not have taken this unit very seriously, I admit, because it was only my elective, I realised that indeed, first year is very scoring, probably being the only university year when you can actually score 90+ several times. This allows time for non-academic activities… and what not! For a richer student life.

So yes, as an advice to all of you, on your first year, go explore and do things! Don’t be scared to reach out. Somehow, on the other end, a promising hand is waiting for you to grasp.

I kind of also got emo-philosophical during lunch because I ended up eating alone… and suddenly, I realised that it has been forever since I actually had lunch alone at school. I realised how lucky I’ve been this semester for being surrounded by the best of the people. I savoured my solitude with a smile 🙂

burger factory

Tuesdays always end well, with our MPAC committee meeting and our after-meeting dinner 😀 Going out to taste all sorts of foods, such as Burger Factory’s Candylicious burger! (chicken + peanut butter + chocolate + oreo and more)


Media studies class has always been the meeting point between school and the performing arts club as many of our members have taken this unit this semester. That very last lecture made me realise that the self we show off to the world can be very different from our true inner self. What is more surprising than seeing your supposedly daring and open lecturer being insecure and shy in front of a camera?? (Yes, sometimes, Arts students make movies)


I didn’t take any pictures really on that day, except for this one, which shows my recent love for sauces, but especially ketchup. XD


Usually, Thursdays are really busy, but on this last one, I only went to my last first year psychology class. The lecture was short but ended with a fun twist: an activity that led us to stand one after the other and play a fast game which illustrated the human nervous system.

Eventually, we gave a round of applause in the end.

For many, their psychology adventure ended there, but for me, it is only the beginning. What is second year psychology preparing for me?

The evening was filled with beautiful music from the Music Night and sweet food, such as ice cream, doughnuts… and chocolate peanut butter cake!


Respect for peanut butter! (since Candylicious)


Today. The last day.

I had no classes today. But I did some awesome binge eating and shopping spree with my friend! Because it’s the end of first year.

And the beginning of exams.

Oh well 😛


Today also marked the day that promises a future. After exams will be our real turning page from first year to second year. One year has passed and we have learnt so much and yet we still have so much to learn.

Today I bought my tickets. A way to the world. To more adventures. I’m thrilled.

Be open to experience, always.

And good luck for exams!!!

An Evil Nymph.

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