Discovering Japanese Snacks! (Part 1)

It might be because the NBC series Hannibal has started, that makes me want to indulge in exclusive fancy/expensive foods (last year was berries). (Because Japanese foods are pricey in Malaysia T.T except the Daiso quality ones haha).

It might also be because I want to explore another dominant aspect of Japanese culture, knowing that I’m still especially completely in love with Japanese food, and the fact that the more I dived into the semester, the less time and thought I put into cooking, so I only ended up repeating the same easy recipes I had learnt (busy and heavy university life, guys).

Anyway, on one evening, about one hour before the shops would close, I had a crazy Japanese snacks shopping spree!

japanese snacks

(If you are on a budget, like me actually oops, don’t do this at home, unless you’re in Japan, I guess? Or unless you don’t mind spending your savings on food.)

Oh I bought all of this just in time for the exams period 🙂

The stores I went to were the famously Japanese shop, Shojikiya, and the typical AEON supermarket.

By the time this post is going to be published, I would have tried all of them and therefore, now, I am going to review every one of them down below!

1. Pocky (Green Tea Chocolate Flavour) by Glico

IMAG0618 IMAG0621

While buying the snacks, I made sure that I chose from various brands. Pocky is the most globally famous Japanese snack, in the sense that I have tried it before but I never bothered to buy it since it was always there (in Malaysia at least). So it can be said that it was my first time buying it on purpose, and instead of choosing the usual flavours, I went for the matcha one ^^ (green tea).

I am probably very biased for this one because I actually am addicted to green tea (among other things). I absolutely LOVE green tea and that first bite of Pocky green tea for me was amazing! Even the stick-biscuit part is green tea flavoured, although it is not as strong as the chocolate part, but this is just fine, or else it would have been too sweet. Other than that, the chocolate part melts in my mouth at every bite yumm! And surprisingly, one packet is quite filling and satisfying, although it doesn’t feel that way while eating, if you’re looking for a light snack to hold you up until meal time.

2. Meiji Black Chocolate

IMAG0625 IMAG0630

My friends told me that dark chocolate helps to boost your memory – what a perfect snack for exams!

First of all, I’d like to precise that Meiji is actually a very well-known brand and has a lot of snacks under its name. It is so worldwide that my first encounter with it was during my childhood, as one of the very famous snacks all Mauritian children love to eat is Hello Panda! And I love it! Too bad it is expensive here in Malaysia… actually, when I think about it, all my favourite childhood snacks that are very cheap back in Mauritius are very pricey here!

Anyway, what I love about the Meiji black chocolate is that it’s thin and light, although I’d say that the cocoa/cacao is quite strong, therefore I have to drink water along with it. On the other hand, it is a little too sugary for a dark chocolate in my opinion.

I would definitely like to taste its other flavours though, especially that I saw the green tea one! *-* (but didn’t buy because, budget.)

3. Everyburger by Bourbon


OMG I didn’t expect this to be so yummy!

The amount of chocolate is so generous and it has such a melting texture! If I look at it closely I think both white and milk chocolate layers are present except that the milk chocolate is more dominant. Together with the crunchy buns, they all make a delicious combo!

And that packaging! Simple, cute and very convenient!

I’m glad I really enjoyed this one because that cost a fortune! (Obviously not a fortune but for such a little snack…)

4. Tamago Boro

tamago boro

These little egg biscuits are devilishly addictive!

I’ve wanted to try this for a while now, since I saw it everywhere I go and this Japanese snack spree finally gave me that golden opportunity! My first bite was, to be honest, quite weird… The egg + sugar taste was weird, but after my friends and I started eating it like peanuts, I quickly developed a liking to it and I just couldn’t stop!

Moreover, it’s quite filling! To the extent that the packet is still not finished. 😛

Okay, next one…

[To be continued…]

An Evil Nymph.

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