Discovering Japanese Snacks! (Part 2)

I’m on my last week of exams and I’m able to squeeze in some time to finally announce that I ended up eating all of my Japanese snacks! Therefore, here’s PART 2 of ‘Discovering Japanese snacks!’, which involved buying lots of Japanese sweets and try them out, because eating has become one of my dominant hobbies here in Malaysia. 😉

If you haven’t read Part 1 and want to go through it before scrolling through this post, click HERE to have a look!

Here we go for my mini reviews of the last 4 Japanese snacks:

1. Lotte Koalas March Cookies


Classic Japanese’s definition of cookies, filled with mouth-melting chocolate. This definitely reminded me of my childhood favourite: Hello Panda! I love how the cookie part was crunchy and actually quite easy to break due to its surprising thinness, but without being too soft. It was cooked just right. The chocolate was as enjoyable as one would on biting on any Hello Panda cookie.

2. Dars Milk Chocolate


I love how Japan products always makes the package-opening process easier. Directions and prompts everywhere! For this quite overpriced chocolate I was pleased with the packaging and presentation. Convenient for a quick chocolate crave and besides, those little non-attached chocolate blocks are really cute. The designs of their ‘plate’ shows creativity as well:


The taste of the chocolate itself though was a little disappointing as it had the ordinary flavour of Asian chocolate (I don’t know how to describe it but chocolate from Asian countries, especially those manufactured for children, tends to have that particular choco flavour which is different from chocolate from other parts of the world).

3. Tiroru

IMAG0706_1 IMAG0707

Okay, bear with me for this one, because I am completely in love with those chocolate squares! They come in a long Rapunzel-hair kind of packaging and I bought the one with around 7 little packets (I can’t exactly remember because I started eating them from the day of purchase and tried to make them last throughout the examination period because they were so good!).

I got 3 types of chocolate. To be honest the blue and yellow ones are quite similar except for their chocolate flavour. I think the blue one was more milky… Or maybe my tongue has been fooled by the difference in colour. Anyway, here’s how they are when unwrapped and bitten in half:

PicsArt_1434810089028 PicsArt_1434810033371

The biscuit inside is very soft and yet with that right amount of crunchiness. The chocolate quality I would say is pretty good too!

The third type of chocolate is actually my very favourite, with a pleasant hint of strawberry flavour:


Not only is the chocolate really yummy and melting, the combined jelly is the jewel of what makes this candy so delicious! Love it so much!

I’ve seen on the internet that there are more than 3 flavours and if I get the chance I will definitely try them all! And buy more of that strawberry chocolate…

4. Shin Chan’s Chokobi


C’est lui, hey! Shin Chan!

(Yes, I used to watch Shin Chan in French lol)

This perverted show totally made my childhood hehe, and my sister’s! It was so fun to watch. Now, I get to eat Shin Chan’s snack! Definitely bringing some for my sister when I go back home in the future.

Oh and look what I got inside!


A Shin Chan sticker!!! I stuck it immediately on my laptop’s keyboard haha! Then, without further ado, I went on to the actual snack…

IMAG0735 IMAG0731

I bought the banana chocolate flavour, which would probably define the packaging’s choice of colour. I like how the yellow is a kind of sunny yellow, one which makes me feel happy inside. Then come the cute little chocolate star-shaped cookies. The flavour fusion of banana and chocolate has been done so nicely! It was really yummy. Definitely going to be on the look-out for the other flavours (and also to collect more stickers :P)

So this marks the end of my little Japanese snacks adventure. Hope you enjoyed! I have one more exam to go, wish me luck! Can’t wait to be in holidays already!

An Evil Nymph.

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