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My second year of university started this Monday. Second year is when it is time for us to choose our major, to specialise in a particular field of study…

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I started writing this post in the middle of today’s psychology lecture (guilty! But only for a few seconds, the time it took me to write two sentences) and I was planning to finish it on WordPress back home tonight, but then, something happened.

Medium happened.

I might have been on WordPress only for around 3 years, but I have actually been blogging a little longer than that, since I also had a Blogger before…

Wait, I JUST REALISED SOMETHING. Okay I am not going to edit this post, this is my trail of thoughts written down live… 

An Evil Nymph’s Blog is now officially 4 years old!!! (1st August) OMG. Happy birthday, little blog. And I’m sorry for neglecting you since I came in Malaysia, and I’m sorry in advance for what I am going to write in the next few paragraphs…

Blogger only lasted for about 1 year before I completely moved to WordPress, hooked. So, for 4 years, my vision about blogging on the internet have remained what it has been from 2011: Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, and nothing else.

Well, it’s clear that I missed the latest (successful, I may say? maybe?) attempts at creating new and more user-friendly blogspheres, one of which is the creation of Medium, which is not exactly what one would call a blogging platform, but it is still a website that encourages users to share their stories. It is linked to Twitter, but it does not have the 140 characters limitation.

Let’s say that it embodies… simplistic blogging. Plain text. No fancy themes. No widgets. Only words to read and write and share.

I am not insinuating that I’m quitting WordPress. I am nowhere near to doing that. But I’d like to give Medium a try. For a busy student like me, I have little time to spare to customize my blog and posts or promote them. Yet, I would still love to write on to a platform, such as this. On WordPress I usually spent quite some time not only writing but also looking for the right picture/media to accompany my words, the right post structure, the appropriate category and tags and sharing methods (such as posting both on the blog’s FB page, on my personal timeline… or not, I usually spend a lot of thoughts on sharing any kind of media)…

In my psychology class, when I started writing ‘Common Misconception about my Writing Major’, I didn’t want to be bothered by all this. I only wanted to write my thoughts down and click publish and be done with it. Alas, in 4 years, I have built high expectations of my Worpress blog, and I confess: how many times have I had a post idea only to dismiss it afterwards because I could not make it to the level of expected coherence that I believe my blog posts should be? A LOT.

Medium is a way for me to start afresh and start in a more simple way in the area of blogging. Nothing but my words. Besides, it will hopefully save me some time-consuming thoughts during the busy semester. Hopefully. I want to experiment with the website and after some time, I will update my progress here, and decide whether to take it or leave it.

Here’s the link to my Medium, if you are interested:

Also, if you are wondering, I did write the ‘Common Misconception about my Writing Major’ post which you can read here:

Happy blogging!

An Evil Nymph.

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