I NEED YOUR OPINION: ‘The Mad Artist’ Project

I hate myself for saying this, but when I feel like chilling in the morning, doing nothing, I open my Facebook and scroll down my news feed. The nice thing about my news feed is that, since a news feed depends on the previous posts you liked and such, I keep seeing either inspiring/writing quotes or beautiful artworks. I’m especially a fan of Word Porn and berlin-artparasites.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, despite my recent irregularity, you know that I’m also as much of a writer as a reader, and also that I’m as much of a visual artist (especially seen on my instagram) as a viewer and appreciator of art.

So, I was doing my usual online routine when an idea occurred to me. And ‘The Mad Artist’ Project was born.

What is that ‘crazy’ project?

Nothing has been done yet, because I would like some opinions from a little of everywhere before I do begin it; but in theory, ‘The Mad Artist’ is going to be a start-up Facebook platform for starting or established artists (digital, traditional, photographers, you name it) to get to promote their best art on a weekly/monthly basis. If I do get to go along with the project, I will start it as a Facebook page first, then expand to a website and Instagram and more maybe.

Why this project?

You see, I am sometimes an artist too, but often, my student life gets in the way and I just stop. Moreover, every time I feel like making my brand, I tend to falter and shift to another style, thus I’m way too inconsistent in art to have a signature style and build my own ’empire’. However, I’m consistently looking out for artsy things, especially during my Facebook time, since I do have creative friends and I do like a lot of such pages, and I really appreciate art, and sometimes I just wish I could help those consistent and dedicated artists in a way.

Besides, I think that being an independent artist (my targeted audience for the project for the time being) requires not only to make art but also to promote it… and the project is going to take care of that second job, at least, I hope it’s going to give more exposure and encourage mingles among the different artists I know.

It will basically be a platform for uniting my favourite arts and at the same time for more exposure for busy creative artists.

If you are confused, here’s a prototype of how a post on the page would look like: a photo/the art and a caption by me (because I do love to write and I did enjoy doing the Picture it & Write challenges long before on this blog, which has the same concept):

“”She might as well have been a porcelain doll. She was played with, but she could not play with.”

Art by An Evil Nymph.”




A short and matching quote or something, then the name of the artist, hyperlinked to his/her own artist’s Facebook page most preferably, but if the artist does not have one, then I’ll put the link of their website or deviantart or whatever platform they use just below the name.

Hey, but there are Facebook pages that already do things like that, right?

Yes, and they have been my inspiration for this project. Why I want to start a new one is mainly because most of those Facebook pages have already been established to the extent that it is hard for young new artists to make an appearance. In addition, I really enjoy those types of pages and making another one would, personally, only diversify my news feed further in terms of art.

But to make ‘The Mad Artist’ happen, I need your help.

Should I go for it or not? Please let me know in the comments, and if you are genuinely interested in participating in this project as an artist who wants to showcase their work on a new promotional Facebook platform… do mention it too! Let’s try our luck, shall we?

Unfortunately, I’m not currently going to involve money in all of this, so no costs from my side or yours; for now, everything in the project is free. Free promotion, free service, free exposure; so if you are okay with showcasing your art in my project for free, then we are good to go!

If this project really does take place (and that will depend on YOU guys, no pressure! Stupid or cool idea?), I will most probably launch it on the 1st February.

I welcome every artist (including photographers) who want to send me one of their works to be published in February with a link to your Facebook page (most preferably, since we’ll be on Facebook) or alternative.

Email me at daphyin.art@gmail.com to submit your (best) art for evaluation or to inquire further details.

It’s indeed a new year, so why not take a chance?

Good luck!

An Evil Nymph.


8 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR OPINION: ‘The Mad Artist’ Project

  1. I like the idea! I dunno what I could submit from what I have though? 😀 my photos are alright at most but this is definitely a neat idea 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support Andy! Take your time and choose what you believe are the best ones 🙂 By the way you can also make up your own captions. Does that mean I’m counting you in? 😀 (as a contributor)

  2. Hi, Daphnee, I think it’s a great idea. It will also be a big undertaking so I hope you set good boundaries with submission deadlines, etc. For sure I will submit something, probably written as I don’t know where my drawings and paintings are, packed away somewhere lol. Maybe I will do something special just for your project. Much success wished your way!

  3. Daph, I am happy that you are taking it to another level! And yes, I’d say…GO FOR IT! I might submit one, who knows! HAHA. I love your project title too. 😉

    1. I am thinking too that maybe there’s set of art to be published each week…example for photography, first week would be B&W and on and on…… for painting, this week feature would be nature, next would landscape/architectural and on and on. I think it would nice as well to start a blog this project. 🙂

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