Why I Asked Him Out – And Not The Other Way Round

It is not generally easy to ask someone you like out. However, despite the fear of breaking a friendship and of rejection, it is most likely the only way to find that special someone. Opportunities are not to be missed. Risks are worth being taken. Trials and errors. Time to move forward.

1. That first paragraph was my mental state at that time. I had barely dived into my 20’s and therefore I was excited to try out bolder things. I wanted to make the most out of my young adult life. Be daring.

2. I was more confident. That was firstly because I was in university for a longer period than him, while it was only his first semester, and secondly because I was practically his ‘boss’ during the only extra-curricular activity that we had in common – the only thing we had in common. I was also the one to personally recruit him in the team.


3. I had a gut feeling that he liked me back. Tested it by asking indirect questions in the right context, for instance, our mutual group of friends would somehow start talking about their crush and thus most of us ‘had’ to share our stories…

4. I did number 3 a second time.

5. I was mentally ready to risk it. Besides, I have had experience in confessing my feelings… and consequently in being rejected (gently and compassionately, thank god!).

6. I had a strategy: I twerked the ‘do you want to go out with me?’ question. A end-of-year dinner was happening in a few days to which we were both going anyway; therefore I asked him if he wanted to go out with me for that particular day. Thankfully, he got the message almost instantly. 

Does it really matter if it’s the guy or the girl who does it? In my opinion, as long as you are ready, like I was, to take such a leap, your gender should not come in the way of what you feel is right for you to do.

7. He is way too shy.

Think of us as ‘people’ and not as ‘men/women’. 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

7 thoughts on “Why I Asked Him Out – And Not The Other Way Round

  1. No it doesn’t matter who makes the first move… too much onus on the man to make the approach normally with silly ideas that a woman making the approach is acting wrongly. Again.. More power to your elbow Daphnee 🙂

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