How To Surprise A Birthday-Surprise Organizer For Her Birthday?

*I know that my birthday was on May 3rd and that this post is therefore late, but oh well, better late than never! Enjoy!*

I am usually the one that organizes birthday surprises for my friends, but I never had a surprise for my birthday. It did not really matter either. We were in the middle of the semester, filled with assignments, thus I told myself not to expect much. I did however hint at my boyfriend that I would like something special, but I knew I was still better at surprises than him (haha).

Yet, I did not see it coming when my friends actually surprised me for my birthday this year!

I can’t believe I fell into their trap. They successfully surprised a typical Birthday-Surprise organizer. And here’s how they did it (in advice form):


1. If possible, do it the day before the actual day.

My birthday was on May 3rd, but they surprised me on the 2nd. Within the Chinese traditions that I was brought up, it is better to celebrate your birthday either on the day itself or before. Not after. That is mainly because, according to the Chinese calendar, when we are born, we are 1 year old, already. Don’t even try to question that logic…

One of the main reasons I did not suspect that my friends would surprise me was the fact that May 2nd was also another friend’s birthday, which we had planned to surprise during dinner time! Thus, when they actually came in with the cake, for a split second, I believed that we would execute our surprise plan before dinner.


2. Don’t invite her to anything; plan to do it during a meet-up that has already been set.

We actually had a rehearsal for our ‘Night of Drama’ play on Monday 2nd. In Malaysia it was a public holiday (Labour Day carried forward), therefore we had decided to meet up after lunch, at around 1 p.m.

I was planning to have my lunch at home, however I woke up late, therefore I had to cram my morning routine with a homemade brunch. Nevertheless, I notified them that I would be around 15 minutes late.

Yet, when I arrived at the spot in school where we were supposed to meet, I found only 2 of them…


3. On the planned day, arrive late – and suddenly change the meet-up spot

Despite me being late, there were only 3 of us here. Less than a half of our group. I contacted the others to ask about their whereabouts.

They said they were already here, but that the plan changed: instead of meeting up at the basement, let’s meet up in level 3! However, when we went up to the 3rd floor, no one was here!

And I still did not suspect anything.


3. Meanwhile hide your guitar nearby for future use; yes, make it a double-surprise

Yes, my significant other did that. He hid his guitar behind the stairs, and when the cake came in, he rushed back to retrieve it, and came back with a song.


4. Have accomplices with her; keep eyes on her. A plus: also have people who don’t know about the surprise at all!

Out of the 2 people that were already there when I arrived, one of them had no idea what was going on. She was not told about the surprise and was as clueless as me, which made it even easier for me to fall into the trap!


5. Finally, come in and SURPRISE!


That’s actually the cake they bought for me!

Oh well, they are simply the best.

Next time, you know what to do 😉

An Evil Nymph.

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