How I Got Rid Of Back Pain

Only one remedy:

I work out.


Hahaha, no, I am not kidding!

I realised it only months after I started to have a workout routine. Way after I put the 7-minute workout app into practice. In fact, I only realised it a few days ago, while I was hunched over my laptop, preparing for my incoming exams.

I used to feel back pain if I spent the whole day working i.e. staring at my screen or writing down my notes. The pain would mostly come at night when I came home to further study or finish my assignment, using my last waves of energy before I went to sleep. It would most of the time spread from my upper back to my shoulders and I would just yearn to fall on my bed and lie down forever.

I was always scared of back pain. I knew that it could lead to a disastrous old age life. Yet, I kept on hunching over my laptop. I kept on not practising good posture. The worst was that I could not care less because I had to finish my work. I could spend time on social media and even read online articles through my phone while lying down, but I could not do that for regular school work.


The examination period is the worst. That’s when I usually go hard core at hunching over my screen, literally for a whole day, whether it’s to study or to take a ‘break’ online.

However, days have passed… and no back pain!

And the only thing that has changed my lifestyle recently is… indeed, you guys all know it: I started working out.

Since I now follow Blogilates for my daily workouts, I do workout more muscles (including those I never really took into consideration) and she also adds stretching exercises (which I surprisingly hate the most, mainly because I am so inflexible that it hurts more than actually working out). So I guess it really helps. In any case, I believe that my back pain stopped even before, therefore, even with the cardio and abs exercises I was doing with the 7-minute app.

So here you have it. My only but very effective solution to get rid of that ‘office’ back pain: workout.

Of course, practising better posture is also a plus.

An Evil Nymph.

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