Here’s An Opportunity For You To Get Your Writing Out There


I have decided to re-open my blog to guest posts.

A few years ago, (oh my, this blog is almost 5 years old! I feel so old!) I am not sure if it was a WordPress trend or simply a general blogging trend, but other bloggers or writers would email me about a request to guest post here, on An Evil Nymph’s Blog. Moreover, if I remember correctly, other bloggers on WordPress were also allowing guest posts on their blog and maybe they are still doing it.

Anyway, I cannot exactly recall how I decided to dive in, but I ended up accepting the guest blogging requests and further adding in my contact page that I welcomed guest posts.

But, what is a guest post exactly? 

In brief, anyone who wants to guest post on your blog is someone who wants to write an article for your blog, so as to get more exposure as a writer and reach a new audience. They usually request to have links to their website, which I usually include in their bio at the end of the post. And that is all… at least, here on, our free blogosphere.

Otherwise, on the professional profit-making level, guest posts are also paid articles, a one-time opportunity to make an impactful appearance on a renowned website.

In all, it’s most of the time a win-win situation where the host gets unique content, in return for offering the writer another free way to increase their readership.

If you want to check out this blog’s previous guest posts, here you go!


Although having guest posts was a convenient way to have regular and frequent content on my blog especially in the case of a writer’s block, at some point, I decided to end it and started refusing further guest blogging requests (yes there were quite a few, though not an overwhelming number, but just enough to suit my blogging habits back then) and mentioned in my contact page that I did not accept any guest post anymore.

If you have stuck with this blog for a long time, you know that my blogging content decreased dramatically and, now I would say, has become more selective. As I was transitioning from the 4-posts-per-week blogger to the 1-2-posts-per week type, I realised that guest posts could no longer fit in that schedule.

At that time, I simply did not want to make half of my blog’s content guest posts; it was as if I was owning only half of my personal blog. Yes, it’s not even a business blog. It’s non-profitable and entirely for fun.


Why now though? Why accept guest posts?

I am aware that I am now even more scarce in writing articles here, especially since I started university back in 2014, but my perspective of guest posts have recently changed.

You see, even after all these years and even after I clearly stated that I did not accept guest posts anymore, I would still occasionally receive emails about guest blogging on An Evil Nymph’s Blog. And it started again this year.

That made me think twice about guest posts and online writing in general. Having been a freelance writer for 3 months now, I can totally relate to those guest bloggers, despite writing for a fixed company. I still have to pitch for articles or write an article of their choice, not mine, and try to make it work somehow. Believe me, it’s not easy and since I am actually getting paid for writing, the rejection margin of an article is much higher.

Then, I realised that, other than the reasons stated at the start, guest blogging is also a great way to get to know other writers, discovering that there are other people out there who value writing and love it as much as you do.

And this is what I mainly want to bring back here. It is amazing to meet other writers and also being able to offer them a platform to express themselves, even if it is only for a one-time deal.


So what do you think? Wanna guest post on An Evil Nymph’s Blog?

Then, drop me an email at! 🙂

Of course, my blog here is still non-profitable, therefore no fees involved either way. However, it means that there are definitely less restrictions: you can write about anything as long as it is interesting and valuable to readers out there, although I do prefer articles on lifestyle, young adult hacks and personal finance/any kind of valuable experience.

I would really like to highlight on the use of personal experience to write your guest post. That’s where originality comes from; one’s unique perspective is much valued!

Oh, and in exceptional cases, I would definitely accept short stories or long poems! There’s definitely a lack of fiction in this blog lately and I would not mind reviving that side of An Evil Nymph’s Blog again. 😉

Simply contact me at

Let’s begin!

An Evil Nymph.

P.S.: I realise that I did publish a guest post at the beginning of this year, the only one in more than 2 years (I think), but I believe this was because I was on holidays and I was like, why not? But I unfortunately did not accept future guest post requests. This is changing as from now.

2 thoughts on “Here’s An Opportunity For You To Get Your Writing Out There

  1. I’ve never thought of doing guest posts or getting guest posts done for my blog, though I’ve seen them a lot. But it does sound like fun! Will mail you 🙂

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