12 Pockets of Advice a.k.a. 12 Ways To Not Let Life Kill You [Guest Post]

  1. Those nights out or in with your friends, taking you away from your responsibilities when you so desperately need to pay attention to them, are not going to make you smile when you are wondering why you and the group drifted apart. Friends build each other up. Friends look out for each other and study together, or, friends make sure you study too. Friends are not supposed to have fun with you all throughout college or university then dump you when “real-life” calls. Those people have always lived without realism, just the kind of people you should stay away from.
  1. Even if you think people you care about don’t care about what you do for them, do it anyway. Whether it is your family or significant other. Because when you’ve had enough, your conscience is clean- suddenly why do you have to care about undeserving people anymore?
  1. Have a degree of selfishness- because years of selflessness and then the sudden downhill slope realization that you must be selfish- will kill you.

  1. From the time you are 13 to 21, the world is going to change very much, especially how the world loves. Having flaws but also being a great person is no longer taken into account, because instead of flaws, people give more legitimacy to just the wrong kind of behaviour and call it a flaw while making excuses for it. The world will suddenly not appreciate an honest and selfless person, they will learn how to scout these people out and take advantage of these people, so save yourself and have some armour. The world will stop accepting, and everyone will try to look the same. The world will stop allowing each other to have conversations or feelings.
  1. The term “mental illness” will suddenly not make sense to you because everything they call an illness is what you experience every day. But only you will know it, and because of number 4, no one will care to remember it.


  1. A lot of people will seem a lot blessed than you are, and instead of believing you are equally blessed-just accept the fact that perhaps you are not- and on the world’s stage some of us must play the sadder roles. Accept your fate. Let it wash over you.
  1. Make the best of your fate. If you can’t keep love after trying 10 times back to back, stop trying to keep it. If no one is going to love you, just let it be. You may not even be able to love yourself-but that’s okay, through experience you will realize you are living proof that you don’t have to love yourself or your life to survive. You won’t wake up dead one day just because you cried yourself to sleep the night before. You won’t wake up dead one day just because all you wanted to do was sleep instead of hear your own thoughts.
  1. A beer or glass of wine a day really does make everything more bearable. Some days you feel like you could commit murder (especially onto yourself) without a little bit of weed, alcohol or tobacco consumption-so you know what? Just, medicate.
  1. At some point, everything will become overrated and unnecessary.
  1. Some days, you can’t bear the thought of not being able to interact with another person. It is usually those days where you will have no one- they won’t budge even if you need them. That’s what humanity has come to.
  1. You will never be able to tell lies from honesty at some point, but don’t fret, that shows more about people than it does about you.
  1. You will pray for an easier world to live in or just a bit more kindness to interact with, but, it may never come. Of course keep praying, but live, accept and most importantly, deal with the existing world, at the same time.


Najrina’s passion for writing is almost as strong as her ability to make sense of sadness. Empathy has always been her preferred tool in life, and words are her favorite playground.

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