Creative Thoughts | What is Love, really?

“What is love?”

“I don’t believe in love.”

“It’s that special connection with that special someone.”

“Love is a feeling.”

“Nope, I’d say it’s a choice.”

“It’s hard work, if you wanna make it last, that is.”

“Do you believe in soul mates?”

“No, please, none of that ‘The One’ bullshit.”

“Yes, I do.”

“I just stopped believing in that.”

“Maybe… I don’t know. What is a soul mate anyway?”

“Well, there’s definitely a difference between a soul mate and a life partner. At least, someone used to tell me that.”

“So what if you mean both of them at the same time? Can you fall in love with two people at the same time?”

“Wait, what?? No!”

“Why not? It’s like two different kinds of love anyway.”

“But then which do you choose? And how do you know what to choose?”

“That’s when you get back to the first question: what does love mean to you?”

“It’s stability.”

“It’s passion!”

“It’s mutual support.”

“It’s the butterflies in your stomach.”

“I don’t know. It just becomes so confusing at some point.”

“Maybe we’ll never know.”

Why is it always so hard? Always so painful?

Why does it bring us together and immediately tear us apart?

And yet, why is it so beautiful?

It broke my heart to see you with her. But I know I broke your heart first, when you saw me with him. A classic story. But, oh, I never knew it could be so complex.

“You may love someone as crazily as you have ever felt… but in the end when things go bad, you do end up walking away… moving on… and it makes you wonder, was this love, really?”

“It’s like when you give up on him because you know you deserve better. And it isn’t all sad anymore. Your heart becomes full of… hope.”

“Love is… someone who decides to stay, despite everything you have done.”

“Love is… someone who takes me back, even if I was the one to walk away.”

“Love is… forgiveness and acceptance of the other.”

It’s not a weakness. But it’s also not absolute or eternal.

“Love is knowing that, despite the fact that you won’t be in love every day, you guys will still stand by each other.”

And I’m grateful for that love. 

“Do we even deserve that kind of love?”

“Does it even matter? Love is for everyone; it is not meritocratic.”

Love is… just whatever it is.


An Evil Nymph.

4 thoughts on “Creative Thoughts | What is Love, really?

  1. Hi Nymph… I liked the post! ❤❤
    I think love is whatever you make it be. I believe it’s something that involves a lot of trust, commitment, and desire to make it last, and work.

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