Halloween Edition | How I Did My Makeup In High School #Challenge

That featured image up there is so cringe-worthy… If you have been sticking around, reading this blog since the beginning of time (i.e. 2011), then you might remember that I used to have quite a peculiar… goth style. I mean, come on, it’s An Evil Nymph (although there are other reasons why I called my blog that way).

Anyway, Happy Halloween! It’s that time of the year again, when I’m finally able to unleash my dark sides to the world without anyone judging! I remember, back when I had just started this blog, I wrote a few fashion/makeup posts, especially those special ones for festivities, such as Halloween… (do you guys remember that I also used to have a makeup blog right before this one?)

As the years went by, my craze for goth and makeup in general died down… and I had stopped ‘dressing up’ for Halloween (since we don’t officially celebrate it on this side of the world) and in university, it was worse because Halloween fell during the exam period! Like right now!

However, I saw this tag trend on YouTube recently about beauty vloggers re-creating their high school makeup look and eventually talking about how horrible their makeup styles were back then… and it dawned on me that this was a totally do-able makeup challenge (especially because I don’t have to buy anything)! So I was like, I should definitely do it one day. Then, I remembered that my style back in high school days was quite goth (i.e. Halloween-y)… and at the same time, I remembered that my boyfriend told me (after stalking through my old Facebook profile pictures!!!) that if he had met me back then, he would still have had a huge crush on me because he used to be into goth girls…

So yes, with all those thoughts in my mind, that’s how I got the idea of doing the #challenge on Halloween and oh, I did go to school like that today!

Again here’s the old look I chose to re-create:


And here’s my re-creation:




Frankly the makeup was not as easy as I thought it would be, mainly because I don’t have that super grey eyeshadow or that same eyeliner pencil anymore in my collection. I used my NAKED II palette instead, along with my Maybelline Masterliner in black, but I had to apply so much, and I still couldn’t really get that ‘thick makeup’ eye look. In addition, I totally forgot that I wasn’t supposed to do my eyebrows because I didn’t use to shape them back then (which means that this old photo is actually very old, like it was at the very beginning of my makeup ‘adventures’ when I barely had any makeup to begin with), so I just kinda tried to mess them up with the tip of my fingers (I don’t think it really worked). Then, I wore no lipstick as well back then, apparently, although I did put on some lip gloss for the re-creation, because I wasn’t sure (I probably did wear lip gloss at that time but it just doesn’t seem like it in the picture).

Makeup close-up shot:


I can’t believe I used to do my eyeliner like that: the wings are going down! I used to think that following the shape of my eye would be the best way to line my eye. Wrong: it makes me look tired instead.

Anyway it was fun! I also tried to recreate the same outfit with whatever I had in my wardrobe. Thanks to my friend Gavi who was my photographer! We literally did a photoshoot today on campus!

For your viewing pleasure, here are the rest of the photos:


So basically, for Halloween, I dressed up as my younger goth self. What was your outfit?

Hope you enjoyed!

An Evil Nymph.

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