On How I Discovered My True Personal Fashion Style | Thanks K-POP

I feel that it’s been a while since I wrote a personal personal post, like when I used to ramble about my #OOTD or what I bought today or basically what is going on in my life… and this post is going to be something of that sort. I’m literally typing this in the middle of the night, instead of focusing on my exams revision, without any plans, impulsively. I usually prefer it if readers can take away something valuable out of my posts, but I’m not sure about this one, where it is going to go… haha, anyway if you enjoy ramblings, read on.

Here’s the gist:

It came to me like an epiphany. I finally discovered what my true and all-time personal fashion style was. Like, the core of my style. And it hit me… while I was watching BLACKPINK:

For someone who never listens to k-pop, how did I end up watching this in the first place??? Well, it’s all thanks to the Fine Brothers and their latest react video. I always tend to go check the music videos they react to just because I’m curious…

I sincerely have no idea how my train of thoughts work so fast but somehow, watching this video made me think about the clothes I saw at the mall today as I was passing by some clothing stores, then made me stand up and walk to my closet to open it and check out my clothes. Well, I believe there is some association… since I was really impressed with the colourful funky style these Korean girls were pulling off.

Anyway, I just had to take a look at my clothes to instantly know what my style was…

And yes, all this time I had no idea what it was. In fact, lately, I’ve been questioning my fashion sense and wondering when I would finally stop experimenting with different clothing styles. I was looking at capsule wardrobes online, and I totally love that concept because, unlike some girls, I wouldn’t want to own a huge closet with so many clothes and shoes that you could drown in them. I just want to find that style that fits my personality the most and stick to specific clothing items that I would never get tired of.

For me, it would save so much money… and so much space in the future (since I haven’t settled down yet and will still have to travel and explore)! It would also make my shopping trips more effective, because frankly, with a tight student budget, I can’t really afford to just buy clothes on a whim. For me, every ‘fashion’ purchase comes with a lot of thought. You can imagine how annoying it is to find really cute clothes but wonder for like 30 minutes whether it actually fits your personality and style (and no, we’re not focusing on whether it fits the body, because let’s admit that a lot of clothes can fit on the physical side and that’s how guilt-ridden shopping sprees happen). It is time-consuming and the dilemma is not pleasant!


On these occasions, I’d often ask myself: does that really fit who I am or am I, deep down, merely copying a ‘trendy’ style? I mean, copying is not wrong, because it does help to find one’s style… but I don’t exactly have the luxury to try out all these trends until I find mine.

Here’s a bit of background story… 

(I’m sorry if this post is getting long but that’s how I’ve always enjoyed rambling on this blog. If you’re still here reading this, thank you!)

From my previous post (or my very very first posts on this blog), you can see that 4-5 years ago I used to have that Goth fashion style… and oh my god I had no idea how Goth I was. Then, in my last year of high school I believe I had achieved a more… colourful style? In any case I always used to see myself as that girl who had that weird and unique style… and from what people used to tell me, I did: I used to wear two different earrings on each ear for example. This was also when I started my boots craze. I was in love with the ‘winter style’: boots and long coats.


Then, I came to university. Because Malaysia has only one season, summer, I couldn’t pull off the ‘winter’ style anymore, yet since my dad wasn’t there to tell me not to wear boots because it was too hot/not feminine enough, I kept wearing them, along with my quirky earrings style. Frankly, Malaysia (at least in the big cities) is so open to different fashion trends that I knew no one would care about what I wore. My earrings and boots became my trademark, but soon, due to living on campus (it’s like going to school at home) and laziness, I stopped wearing jewellery altogether, except for my watch and the occasional necklace/bracelet. My style became very simple and pretty versatile. I would wear T-shirts and shorts most of the time (the typical uni attire here).

Nevertheless I still wore boots (even now!), and after a shopping trip with some friends, I had quickly caught up to one of the many trendy ‘Asian’ fashion styles: skater skirts with cute tops! Frankly, I used to despise skirts or even dresses. Yet, since then and until now, I’ve come to the point where skirts and dresses are essential to my wardrobe. That was a real radical change! After that I simply started experimenting with different ways of wearing clothes, for example, tucked in shirts or not?

That’s how I came to today, when I still feel like I’m taking bits and pieces of contemporary Asian styles and experimenting with them. However, I still enjoy wearing all black and boots. Thus, it’s the disparity between my clothing styles that got me thinking… what is my one true style really?


Just like I don’t believe in the One True Love, I don’t believe in One True Style, but it’s nice to get a rough idea of what type of clothing items you’d be more inclined to use forever.

And after watching BLACKPINK, here’s my verdict: my true personal fashion style is… patterns! 

Yeah, if I had to define my whole taste in fashion in one word, it would be ‘patterns’. I am simply in love with patterns, especially the uniquely quirky ones, and to my realisation, I have always been this way. Of course, the style as a whole comes with more complex dressing codes, such as, I eventually love to have as many patterned clothes as many neutral/plain ones… because I like to style my patterns with plain basic colours, like grey, black or white. That’s how they get to pop up 🙂

Sometimes I would wear plain (like, completely black) dresses, however the ‘pattern’ trait is still shown through either a coat/cardigan or one of my quirky necklaces! (the one I’m currently obsessed with comes with a circular pendant showing the insides of a clock, with the mixed ‘machinery’… in a galaxy and shiny background!) Basically it’s all about that pop of crazy colours and designs.


In a nutshell, I’d say that my style is not so different from that of BLACKPINK in Playing with Fire after all. No wonder why I’m actually in love with that video.

That’s… more than enough ramblings for today!

Have a nice day ahead 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

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