I Will Miss Campus Life

Last weekend, I met up with my university friends, both on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday our meeting point was at the campus itself. And after spending such enjoyable days with them, I realised that I will miss this after I graduate.

I will miss my student life on campus. I will miss the late nights I spend with my friends, living on the cheap. I will miss the feeling of walking to school. I will miss all of it. 

I have only one semester left. I’m graduating in July this year… and I might not be turning back. Which means that I might not pursue a Honours year/4th year, because I might prefer to work first and then do a Masters later on, probably somewhere else, somewhere new. After this, I am, most likely, moving on.

Nevertheless, with a heavy heart.

All my life, I’ve always been the one who looks forward to the next milestone, who doesn’t fear to move away, move forward. Although I treasured the moments I spent in primary, then secondary school, valued my group of friends in each, I have never really… ‘missed’ anything or anyone to that extent.

I was overly ambitious and excited to become an independent woman.

Of course, I still am. I still look forward to graduating and getting a job, maybe having my own place.

Nevertheless… this time, the feeling of ‘moving to the next step’ is just… different. I’d never believe that I’d feel like I belong somewhere… finally. And now I have to go. So soon, yet I know it is time.

Time for me to grow up. 


Not everyone is in that picture (which is one of those we took last weekend) but I’ll never forget each and everyone who’s crossed my path, since day 1.

My university years were the best of all my living years so far.

Cheers to that last semester. Let it come. Let us enjoy.

An Evil Nymph.

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