What Are Ant-tables?

I’m doing creative writing this semester and today in class we did an interesting exercise in which we each were allocated two random words, and with those two words we had to make up a new concept, an invention of the sort.

The two words I got were ‘ant’ and table’, and as you can guess from the title, I ended up creating ant-tables, a particular type of creature that used to live in the Ice Age. The exercise was so fun for me that I’ve decided to share word for word what I wrote during class here.


The Ant-tables

A feeling of wonder took over me as I bent down to examine the fossil closely. We’d just discovered a new species: the ant-table. It used to live in the Ice Age, but it became extinct soon after that.

A creature, the size of your thumb, armed with four straight legs and skin as rough as wood. Ant-tables would freeze their body in hibernation during the harshest winters. They were resilient and would live as long as a century.

However, their rigid bodies made them slow, and easy victims of bigger, faster predators. And they were crushed and killed, by millions — not because they were part of the food chain — no. But because they were deemed too strong, too smart for the Ice Age, where the few resources available could only be taken by the best: the ant-tables.

Ant-tables were victims, by pure mischief. The strongest are the ones who survive, they say? Not really, it seems.




And I had to read it aloud in class!

In any case, lesson learnt: you can make up story ideas out of the most random things. It’s a great way to practise your creativity; give it a try 🙂

An Evil Nymph.


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