Why I Don’t Like Parties

I’m a student living abroad on my own, and I don’t like to party.

I have no curfew, no parental restrictions, and I’m allowed to drink. I still don’t enjoy partying.

Let me give you the definition of ‘party’ at university (at least in my circle), to clear things up: clubbing. Dressing up and then getting drunk (preferably before going to the clubbing area—a whole row of loud bars and clubs), and then hopping a few clubs before finding one that you and your friends really like, I guess?—and finally go home with a hangover in the early hours of the morning.

But of course, everyone’s definition of ‘partying’ is different. For me, going clubbing used to be: dressing up as if you were going to a fancy dinner, drinking, dancing (this was actually our favourite part) and finally going home.

I’ve tried it a few times… and well, frankly I quickly lost interest in it. I also hate getting drunk to that extreme extent; it happened once (thank god not at a club or anywhere outside) and I would never ever want to experience it again.

Frankly, it’s totally up to personal preference and I don’t mind having friends who enjoy partying—as long as I’m left out of it.

So I stopped going to parties. I’d just refuse invitations or I’d even say that I’m trying to abstain from drinking, which is quite true: three years ago I’d be drinking almost every week (thanks to my family’s open-mindedness), but today, my weekly alcohol intake amounts to, like, 0.

I probably drink around… twice a year or so.

I just feel that there are so many better ways for my friends and I to spend quality time together.

Fun fact: one of my friends recently invited me for a drink at a bar, and even this was much better than going clubbing! The atmosphere is really chill and we got to have a meaningful conversation, without having loud music bursting in our ears. We only had one drink each and it was amazing.

I also go for board gaming sessions with my friends, and believe me it’s really fun! Besides we also get to stay up ’til 4 a.m. in the morning. Blame Avalon!

Finally, of course, we go out, or stay in, for movie nights! That is probably the cheapest way to hang out with my college friends and have fun—because, of course, after a movie, we’d all start raving about it; and the nerdiest ones would always come up with some fascinating theory relating to it.

Eventually, a movie night can be spent with however many friends you’d like… or with your partner or alone. Movies never get old, I guess.

So here’s something fun I received from Pure Flix that I’d love to share here:


Note: ‘Your Name’ is my latest Japanese movie favourite! Also, if you get the meaning of Arrival’s essential, HI FIVE!

I’m NOT being paid to share this with you; I genuinely thought it’d be fun to customise this essentials’ list for my current favourite all-genres movies. If you’d like to check out Pure Flix, they’re currently offering a one-month trial for free!

But yeah, I honestly still don’t like parties.

An Evil Nymph.

4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Parties

  1. Hello Daph 🙂
    Wow ! It was really lovely to see your like on my latest post. You are still following me. Yay ! I really thought that you had disappeared for ever. I am so happy to see your Avatar picture again.
    I do hope that everything is okay with you and that you are well and happy.
    Big hug. Ralph xx ❤

    1. Hello Ralph!
      I was pretty busy with school but yes I’m still following you and I do check on the blogs I follow from time to time 🙂
      Everything is good so far, thank you!
      Same to you!!
      *Hugs back*

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