A Bedtime Routine For A Relaxing Night [Guest Post]

Guest post by Leesa.

As kids, most of us thought getting ready for bed was a pain. Having to stop the fun, brush our teeth, and lie in bed when we “weren’t tired” was a struggle. As a kid, I actually prolonged bedtime as much as possible by asking question after question, hoping my parents would fall for my procrastination trickery. But now, I love getting ready for bed because it turns into a time to relax and pamper myself. Here are a few ways you can enjoy bedtime with these nighttime routine suggestions.

1. Take a bubble bath or long shower

Getting nice and clean before bed is always a good way to wind down. I noticed that when I take the time, an hour or so before bed, to shower, I always feel so much more relaxed than I do if I wait until morning.

2. Wear a face mask

Something else I would highly suggest is using a face mask at night. I like to put one on after the shower while I watch television or go online, just to make sure my pores are clear before my head hits the pillow. I’ve been using Origins’ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, and I love it! Check it out if you’re interested.

3. Use a satin pillowcase

Speaking of pillows, another tip I would highly recommend is using a satin or silk pillowcase. I started using one in college, and I’ve never looked back. Not only are they super comfortable and keep you cool at night, but they help prevent hair breakage and breakouts, too!

4. Make your bed a comfy one

The one thing that can ruin a good bedtime routine and night’s sleep is climbing into an uncomfortable bed. While ‘being comfortable’ means different things to each of us, I personally like to make sure my sheets are clean; I have my big fluffy blankets and a lot of pillows. I even went as far as treating myself to a foam mattress. If you’re in the market, Leesa has some great memory foam mattresses.

5. Let your hair air-dry

If you shower at night like I do, you might be tempted to blow dry your hair before bed, but the best way to keep your hair healthy is to let it air dry. I would suggest drying your towel before bed and then loosely braiding it to prevent breakage. I like to even put a little anti-frizz serum in too, to help with air-dry frizz that I tend to get from the John Frieda Six Effects Serum.

These are just a few suggestions of things you can do too, to get ready for bed. What’s your nightly routine?


Leesa is an online mattress company that’s focused on spreading a good night’s rest. Go online, pick your mattress, and it’s shipped to you in a box. With U.S. made products, they promise free shipping, 100-night trials, and free returns, if need be. 

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