How to Get the Best Experience Out of University? | NEW BLOG ROUNDUP

As you may know, for the past month, I have been working on my new self-hosted blog for University/college students. I’m aiming to create content that will help them get the best out of their university experience.

Basically, it’s like a survival guide for students.

In case you have missed the news completely, I’ve decided to do a link roundup here so that you can catch up with my other content. Maybe this will be a monthly thing.Besides, you could

Besides, you could also share this with students you may know out there who are going through college!

So here it goes…

1. For International Students

Because I am an international student, I have a whole category dedicated to them! Click on any title below to read the blog post!

international student experience


2. Social Life at University

On breaking out of your shell and having a study/life balance.

How to Get Over Being Shy &Face Social Situations


3. Love & Relationships

Inspired by my own relationship at university. And yes, we are still together 🙂

Is it worth it-


4. Money Management, Work Experience, Checklists and more.

I have a few more categories that are still being developed. Here are the few related articles that made it online this far:

20 most successful

And more articles are coming soon!

The new semester has just started today (Australian system), therefore the next few weeks will be filled with study tips and how to keep your sanity in general!

If you would like to follow this new blog, you can do so here!

Thank you for your support. I would never have come this far if I hadn’t started An Evil Nymph’s Blog 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

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