On Staying Productive And Sane At University | #BackToSchool LINK ROUNDUP

I haven’t been blogging for a month and I apologise for that. Ironically, my last post was on my 6th anniversary with WordPress. Well, life happens, and I will keep that for another post.

Another month has passed, and despite everything that has paralysed me to write here, I’ve been able to publish a few posts in my student blog. I admit I’ve been writing less, going from 3 posts a week to 1. But, at the same time, the semester gets more hectic by the hour for my fellow student readers, thus maybe it’s best to keep it at a post a week. For sanity.

So, as I’ve said before, I’m going to be compiling all the posts from my student blog once in a while over here, for those who haven’t caught up with everything yet.

This month, it’s been all about transitioning into university/college and coping with those first few weeks. If you have a friend who’s currently studying, share this post with them; they’ll thank you later. If you are a student, feel free to bookmark it!

Here it goes.


Back to School:

Fitting in.

Getting those grades.

*HD = High Distinction; the highest grade you can get at Australian universities.

Mental Health & Wellness:

Keeping your sanity at bay.

Pocket money and travelling.

And that’s all! Happy reading!

More meaningful posts coming soon—as soon as I get the courage to write down everything.

An Evil Nymph.


3 thoughts on “On Staying Productive And Sane At University | #BackToSchool LINK ROUNDUP

  1. Welcome back! And thank you for sharing those links down below. I found the ones about sleep and making friends to be most helpful!

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