About Me

Last update: 21.06.14

Vital Statistics:

Name: Daphnée
Nicknames: Daph, Daphy… but especially Evil Nymph! ^^
Birthday: 3rd May
Place of Birth: Mauritius
Zodiac Sign:  Taurus
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student
birthday ootd
Hair Color: Dark Black… um well black cause I guess there isn’t a pale black… It’s just really really black you see :)
Hair Length: (Really) Short
Eye color: Dark Brown
Best Feature: My hair (I think..?)
Height: 1m45cm… Yep I’m a shorty :P
Braces?: Nopes, never
Glasses?: Yep.
Piercing:None… Okay well I have my ears pierced but I don’t really think that counts lol
Tattoos: YES! Three birds on my right wrist
Righty or Lefty: Righty except that I eat with my left hand
Your ‘Firsts’:
the little me
First best friend: Her name was Lorraine and we were best friends since I started pre-primary school until she went to live in Australia in our last year of primary school; and at the same time I met cute little Tessa! :D
First Award: I think it was in my first year of primary school when I was awarded the best pupil of my class ^^
First Sport You Joined: Blue Bay Swimming Club when I was 8 :)
First Real Vacation: I was only 3 and together with my parents I went to Hong Kong and Singapore… but I don’t remember anything lol!
First Concert: Diam’s concert! in 2010 I think…
Movie: The Great Gatsby, Shutter Island, Inception + legends/myths/medieval related ones…
TV Show: Okay this is hard.., because… I’m a TV SHOW ADDICT!! So… Let’s say I list the one’s I’m currently following: Once upon a time, Revenge, Bates Motel, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Sherlock Holmes.
Colors: Grey or gray
Song: Everything Dubstep/Glitch related :P
Candy: My camera! Haha my Nikon Coolpix P520 is called Candy…
Restaurant: The weirdest ones… ;) No, just kidding. I simply eat everything.
Store: Uhhh, don’t know… I buy whatever I find awesome, in any stores. No racism here! :P
Book: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet remains my no.1 favourite… but I’m also a faithful bookworm so click here for more…
Magazine: Psychologies :)
Shoes: Boots ♥
Feeling: Between two worlds: reality and dreams
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: Air ~
Listening To: TV mumbling…
Thinking About: I’m thirsty… (water; I meant water! Not blood. ;) )
Wanting: To drink!
Watching: The laptop screen…
Wearing: A checked purple blouse with jeans
Want Children?: Um maybe one lol, not really interested in these stuff…
Want to be Married: Uh… well not necessarily. I guess it’ll depend on so many factors…
Careers in Mind: International published writer, brain researcher, psychologist…
Where do you want to live?: Everywhere. I want to have lived at least in most countries!
travel abroad vintage map box
Do You Believe In:
God: No
Miracles: Maybe.
Love At First sight: Maybe.
Ghosts: No, not really… maybe only spirits of dead people which are on their way to the other world… ;)
Aliens: Probably :P
Soul Mates: Maybe… (in fact, I’d love to say YES for the love of L. J. Smith’s books!)
Heaven: No.
Hell: No.
Kissing on The First Date: Hmm… I don’t know! xD
Yourself: Sometimes… when I don’t lose self-confidence!
An Evil Nymph.

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  1. Daphnée,
    Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. I hope to get to know more about you, and I started following you too. Thank you so much, may you work on your internet addiction, I think we might all have a problem with that time from time :)

  2. I’ve been meaning to check out your blog for a long time. I see you comment on Aurora’s blog all the time, that’s why. Thanks for your comments on my hair pics on Lafemmeroar’s blog! I agree with you on the princess remark. I would love to go to Ireland, lol, I really like Celtic style music, and East Coast (Canada – like Great Big Sea) and my favourite colour is green so…. I am going to London in November, but only for the weekend. I love trying out new things with my hair, especially after I watch a fantasy/medieval movie and see all the cool braided hairstyles!

    Anyway, here I am. I’m following you now so I’ll be able to keep up with your stuff ^_^.

  3. Wow, very comprehensive ‘about’ page! :) Lovely take on the ‘about’ concept..

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    Best regards

  5. nice to read about you …

  6. I really enjoy your stories and thoughts. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. My way of saying thanks! :)

  7. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and subscribing. It was great having you. Hope you will come back again soon.

    Can’t wait to check out more of your blog!


  8. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! details can be found at


    I hope you enjoy! :) :)

  9. I enjoy and have selected your blog to award The One Lovely Blog Award. Follow this link to collect your award and see the rules. If you’ve already received this award, just know I think you deserve another one!


  10. Daphnée thank you for liking my post. I feel like I have been here before.Your face looks familiar or perhaps I saw your comment on another blog and because of the name of my blog and your age I decided not to comment. Whatever, it is good to stop by here and I have subscribed. I just had a guest blogger who is 16 so again thanks for liking the Poetic License post. Don’t be a stranger.

  11. Thank you so much Evilynymphstuff’ but have already had one. Although your ABC banner is different to mine, apparently it is all the same posting. Some one designed a second banner. But am still very honoured and grateful for your nomination and appreciate it greatly.
    Also thanks for visiting and being loyal to my site and commenting. A big thank you…

  12. Hi Daphnee :D I nominated you for the Hope Unites Globally Hug Award! If you choose to accept the award, please see the guidelines here: http://ahopefortoday.com/2012/01/14/hope-unites-globally-hug-award-guidelines/

    God Bless and Keep Smiling Daphnee :D

  13. ohhh ..you shared almost everything about you here… interesting..and about tattoo..hey i got one :) it’s a tinker bell.. ;) what kind of tattoo you want?

  14. That’s nice. I figured out we’ve a lot in common (aside from the fondness for writing&reading), like the color purple, the candy, longing for a tattoo, Harry Potter, fast-food lovin’/ Mc Lovin’ ;) Guess we’ll a have a great time if we’ll be given a chance to hang out. I’ve read some of your blogs & I can say that you write vividly & naturally. Keep it up! I find it cool too that you’re a righty(like me) yet eats w/ your left hand. Uncommon ability. :) xx

  15. Hey Daphnee! I stubled onto your blog through Ermilia’s and I’m glad that I did. I like what you write. Hoping to read more of your stuff :)

  16. kudos,…love the fun facts and happy to meet you

  17. thanks for the visit and the like! Your future looks bright!

  18. Hi there thank you so much for dropping by and reading my post and thank you for following me I shall be looking around your blog , I hope you don’t mind!

  19. I really enjoy your writing and the pics of you. Have a great life!!

  20. You Are Loved! Thanks so much Daphy for following All About Lemon, I highly appreciate this :) And as a token of my gratitude, kindly accept this gift especially design to all of my buddies here in the blogosphere. Simply because You Are Loved! Enjoy and have fun!
    Cheers :)

  21. I enjoy dropping by your blog and reading your posts =)
    That’s why I’m nominating you for the Reader’s Appreciation Award. If you choose to accept it, check out the details on my blog.

  22. Great little blog you got! I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Hey, thanks for the enthusiastic comments you left on my photo site. It’s great to be appreciated :)

  23. Hello very nice to meet you. Your blog is great.

  24. Guess what I’d been watching for weeks? Merlin! I got hooked after I saw my co-worker laughing like crazy while watching it. I’m in season three now. I felt bad that Morgana has gone bad. You have an amazing blog. Thanks.

  25. Hey girl..!
    I’ve nominated you for The Tagging Blogathon…
    To learn more please visit my little home @
    http://abcofspiritalk.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/the-tag-blogathon/ :)

  26. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I’m impressed at your writings! Brilliant! Keep it up!

  27. Thanks for following my blog. I have also nominated you for The {Booker} Award http://radaronelson.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/my-cherrys-been-popped-the-booker-award/

    Happy Blogging.

  28. ciao! luvFAB blog.

  29. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

  30. Daph, please accept a STAR from me….
    I knew I’d forget a few; fancy forgetting you…!
    Shame on me….
    (I’ll put a link on the post later; it’s giving me some editing woes…)

  31. this is perhaps the most accurate(and long ;)) ‘about me’ section that i have read :D.

  32. Hi Daphnée, Happy New Year to you my dear young friend

    Thanks for liking my post ” Looking good has nothing “. To mention I especially wrote this yesterday keeping in mind you and a couple of other young & naughty friends who I like & love, cause I feel you all are so young but at the same time very intelligent & educated enough to understand & comprehend what I wrote about.

    Let me add basically this is meant for everybody not only for youngster like you, but I am glad you like it

    Thank you my lively small darling.

  33. Hello Dear!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award; I think your blog is very inspiring.

    Details are available at http://yousufbawany.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/liebster-blog-award/


  34. Hahahahah! This is one among the most interesting bio I have ever read. I’m a proud follower of yours! Have a good day ahead. Cheers.\m/ :)


  35. Too bad. you were an interesting read until the section about your religious beliefs. That just put you in the category at death of “All dressed up & no place to go”. End of trasmission.

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog Daph! You’re a fascinating character and totally adorable :) Your blog are cool too, I’ll be back for sure ^_^


  37. Thanks a lot for visiting and the kind comments

  38. Interesting answers…thanks for dropping over again at my home. You’re always welcome there! Enjoy life, pursue your goals but above all else be who God (I know you said you’re agnostic but bear with me here) wanted you to be. Love ya funny and passionate girl!

    Warmest regards from the Philippines,

  39. cool… you living in Mauritius? Your blog is inspiring … Me, I stumble around mostly, and erm… now where’s that schedule?

  40. Hi, I’d like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award. I find your blog consistently engaging, and I look forward to each new entry. I am glad that I discovered it ;-). Please let me know if this okay.

  41. Hi there, just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, check it out here,
    http://marilyndavies.wordpress.com/ happy blogging! ;0)

  42. Daphneee!
    I see you stalked my blog.. so I’m stalking you now. 0_0
    Great blog you got here!
    Need to do a lot of catching up.. got exams now you know.. :(
    Anyways.. thanks for following! I’ll be a faithful reader. :D

    Godbless, :)

    • U got ur exams too! Me too. The thing I hate most about exams is that it stops me from blogging regularly and checking out this wonderful posts from this wonderful blogs.

  43. I like reading blogs with tremendous amount of innovation and imagination. Unfortunately they are rare.The happy news is that I just found the thing.
    Go on! U evil nymph. Go on!
    Best wishes,
    From t2

  44. Hey! You are one interesting piece. :) I looooove your posts and this section *About Me* is amazing. A fan of yours! :) You have a follower!

  45. You sound sound! Thank you for stopping by and pingback!

  46. Daphnee
    I’ve just nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    Please see http://andrewtoynbee.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/honoured-to-receive-the-dragons-loyalty-award for details or watch out for today’s post!

  47. Hi Daphnée,
    I am Ritu from the blog ‘Beyond Beauty Tips’. I saw that we were connected through my blog. I announced my new domain but I haven’t seen you there yet.
    Please show some love to my new blog ‘Things To Rave About’ (http://toraveabout.com) which is just BBT at a new address.
    Hoping to see you there. Thanks!
    Yours is the most comprehensive About Me page I’ve ever read. It’s a lot like a scrapbooking and I love that!

  48. I Love your blog! That’s why I think you deserve some awards! Just pick whichever you want (up to 7 awards) and check my blog (http://clumsyfool.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/sooo-many-awards/ ) for further details.
    Good luck! :)

  49. Hello there, just wanted to say that I love your blog!

  50. Hi there Daph / Evil Nymph….just popped over to say thanks for liking my post “Four Little Charmers”, hopefully this may get into my top ten posts so it features in my “most popular” slot. Good luck with all your writing, studies and enjoy life to the full. Happy Blogging and thanks once more. MM 🍀

  51. thanks for subscribing to my blog! i hope you will enjoy the photos on there and i appreciate critique and feedback whenever you think that is appropiate

  52. cool page u live in mauritius?

  53. This is very very Interesting take on About Me and Believe me the Best I read in WordPress since I joined 7 months ago..You really have give a detailed about yourself and almost covering everything about yourself.. :D
    Happy Blogging.. :D

  54. Your introduction is absolutely priceless. Stands out from the resumes and Match.com rewrites that dominate almost any site that asks for a description of someone. It’s imaginative, loose, and has a smile on its face.
    Then I look at the Archives list, and you’ve got some time put in. I imagine it could be quite an interesting ride listening to you growing up.
    I gotta look into things: there’s a whole bunch us geezers can learn from you whippersnappers.
    Keep the passion.

  55. Hey Daphnee or should I say Evil Nymph,
    Just found your blog and guess what? Am Mauritian too :D

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