Another Blog!

I also have a blogger account: a blog especially on my passion for makeup:

Makeup is Art

6 Comments to “Another Blog!”

  1. Thanks for Tweeting me, you are a sweetheart! xo

  2. Do you know of any other Mauritian blog you like to read?

  3. I also have a blogger account. Unfortunately it does not work properly for me for some reasons. I love WordPress anyway. Which one of the sites do u prefer?

  4. I took a look at your make-up channel… Don’t think any of it suits me ;-) Jokes aside, Make-up is such a personal thing and what is too much for one may seem like walking naked for another (and that does include some men – look up Jeff Lynne!) I can remember a mix of make up styles when I was younger but if often struck me that many young ladies were putting too much on – covering the true beauty of the person. Then I met my good lady – she uses so little make-up… One of the joys of that African skin I suspect (combined with personal confidence). Highlight rather than cover I think is the way… If this makes you think carefully about how much you need to use, then my comment has done its job. The place to display your art is on the canvass ;-)

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