A Black Skull… and I’m ready for my exams!

black pencil case with skull

If you have been following my blog, you know that I will be taking part in exams soon. In fact I’ll finally begin – after all this time! a whole semester of gathering whatever we learnt from these 5 years we’ve been in secondary school – on Monday, i.e. tomorrow! I’m so nervous!!

In addition I will start with an important subject – important because I am thought to be very good at it and therefore I can’t fail to get good marks in it – which is French Literature.

The photo above shows my transparent pencil case – yes as it is an international British exam it’s very formal and they need to ensure that you don’t cheat – with my skull necklace that I tied to the zip to add some ‘comfort’ to such a plain case. On the right in the pencil case you can also notice my favourite eraser on which I pierced 3 dots because in TSCC (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – my favourite series of all time) it’s very symbolic 🙂 The background is only my usual and favourite jacket “Psycho Girl” 😀

I will be in exam period for a month, my last papers will occur on the 15th November.

Hope I’ll come out of it alive! Wish me luck 😛

Black and Chic

Hey guys! This will be a short post. I’d just want to update and add some more spice to the Beauty & Fashion category.

Today I’m going to show you two of my favourite outfits I like to wear especially when going out at night. I like to wear black as it is more elegant and makes you appear thinner from a visual perspective 🙂

PS: I’m not Gothic although many people might think so LOL! Just that Goth is greatly part of my own original style 😀

Alright, so Outfit No.1

black and chic teen outfit of the nightWhat I’m wearing:

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B.L.A.C.K Earrings

Today it’s a public holiday!! Yeah! Because the muslims are celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr 🙂 therefore I had to go to my weekly maths tuition in the morning. It’s a trip of 1h and I didn’t want to miss the bus thus I hurried myself a little bit. On my way I realised: omg! I forgot to put on my earrings!! :O I know that guys just can’t really understand this because I know it was not the end of the world but I hate to feel my ears ‘naked’… and fortunately I saw a stall of girly things and I quickly bought a pair of black earrings:

black round big earrings

Very simple but gorgeous on me 🙂

Usually I don’t like this type of earring because the tips tend to squeeze my flesh too tight and I get hurt and that’s why I don’t put these anymore, but today I had not much choice and let me tell you that THIS pair doesn’t hurt my ears at all!! I loved them instantly 🙂

(Remark: see the background of the photo? It’s my graphbook for maths :))