Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Maybe for some of you it’s not Wednesday yet, but here it is, early in the morning! Thus it’s time for… a wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge! (to see my blogging plans for this year, check out The Art of Planning a Blog)

This week’s theme is beyond.

And here’s my photographic interpretation:

beyond castle walls

This photo has been taken from my roof 😛 

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5 Reasons Why I Prefer Evil Characters

therese desqueyroux françois mauriacLes « coeurs sur la main » n’ont pas d’histoire ; mais je connais celle des coeurs enfouis et tout mêlés à un corps de boue.

This French quote from François Mauriac very much describes my main motivation for siding with evil characters in my stories. I can’t really translate it though, because in English it won’t have that same impact it had on me, you see… The French language has a particular (charming and poetic) style that I just can’t reproduce in English. But basically, Mauriac tells us that he prefers to write on those who are ‘evil’ and unconventional instead of those who are good and virtuous.

I can totally understand why. (And I totally understand Mauriac thus that’s why I’m in love with his book, Thérèse Desqueyroux).

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About me Tag! :)

I just saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun! I tag all of you to do it! Drop me links so I can read them 😀

Vital Statistics:

Name: Daphnée
Nicknames: Daph, Daphy… and sometimes even Morgan lol just for fun 🙂
Birthday: 3rd May
Place of Birth: Mauritius
Zodiac Sign:  Taurus
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student

Hair Color: Dark Black… um well black cause I guess there isn’t a pale black… It’s just really really black you see 🙂
Hair Length: Short
Eye color: Dark Brown
Best Feature: My hair
Height: 1m45cm… Yep I’m a shorty 😛
Braces?: Nopes, never
Glasses?: Yep.
Piercing: None… Okay well I have my ears pierced but I don’t really think that counts lol
Tattoos: Nopes but I really wish to have one 😉
Righty or Lefty: Righty except that I eat with my left hand
Your ‘Firsts’:
First best friend: Her name was Lorraine and we were best friends since I started pre-primary school until she went to live in Australia in our last year of primary school.
First Award: I think it was in my first year of primary school when I was awarded the best pupil of my class ^^
First Sport You Joined: Blue Bay Swimming Club when I was 8 🙂
First Real Vacation: I was only 3 and together with my parents I went to Hong Kong and Singapore… but I don’t remember anything lol!
First Concert: Diam’s concert! in 2010 I think…

Movie: There are soo many!! I watch almost everything from comedy to horror, from war to myth… from famous ones like Harry Potter to less famous ones… and my favourite ones always change everytime!
TV Show: Merlin BBC, Dr House, Grey’s Anatomy, Legend of the Seeker, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Ghost Whisperer… and many more!
Colors: Purple, White, Black, Grey…
Song: Oh this is a hard one once more! I love so many but mainly I really love Evanescence and Natalia Kills 🙂
Candy: “sucre d’orge” ♥ (stick of rock in English I think… or else correct me!)
Restaurant: Fast Foods like KFC, McDo and Asian, Italian food… and um… well I like any kind of food really. I love to eat! ^^
Store: Any…but I especially like those drugstores close to my house 🙂
Book: So many! I’m a faithful reader! Here’s a list.
Magazine: New Scientist! although I think I should start reading some like Vogue 🙂 since I’m now interested in those things ^^
Shoes: High heels! ;D
Feeling: Between two worlds: reality and dreams
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: my mom’s speciality: cake!
Listening To: Children playing around the house lol!
Thinking About: what to do after this post is done
Wanting: To try some new makeup looks… 🙂
Watching: The computer
Wearing: A lilac and white Bluesteel top and blue jeans…
Want Children?: Um maybe one lol, I don’t really like kids… they can be so annoying!
Want to be Married: Someday I might but it’s not in my priorities
Careers in Mind: Makeup Artist and psychologist ^^
Where do you want to live?: Oh really I don’t know I’ve always wanted to live in England or Ireland but because of economic crisis well I think I’m stuck here or I might go to Singapore…?
Do You Believe In:
God: I’m agnotic so the answer may be yes and no… I don’t believe in God as a third person but mostly a power in myself…
Miracles: No not by God anyway.
Love At First sight: Lol I think I do
Ghosts: No, not really… maybe only spirits of dead people which are on their way to the other world… 😉
Aliens: No.
Soul Mates: I would like to think so… especially after I’ve read Vampire Diaries 🙂
Heaven: No.
Hell: No! I believe in reincarnation!
Kissing on The First Date: Hmm… maybe ;P
Yourself: Sometimes… when I don’t lose self-confidence!
Okay now pass this on to whoever you want! I pass it on to everybody who reads it! Don’t forget to drop me a link, I wanna learn more about you!! 😀