My Life Needs Some Trimming

Alright, it’s not really my life which needs that, it was mostly my hair. 🙂

So today I went to a hairdresser and my hair got trimmed! It’s much better now.

My hair:


hair dyed and cut short


hair dyed and cut short

I know you can’t really see the difference but it’s much thinner and in better order than it was. I especially made my hair be cut behind and on the sides:

hair dyed and cut diagonally

It’s much shorter and better aligned on the sides and back now.

*sigh* I remember when I was young, like any other girl, I watched fairy tales with those beautiful princesses with long and lovely hair… and I wanted to keep my hair long too… but my parents always insisted on cutting my hair, but one day, it was recent, when I was like 13-14 years old, I was old enough to decide about my hair and I tried to keep it rather medium length… and I liked it in a way.

But then one day I looked into the mirror and I realised that in fact long hair doesn’t match with me and I immediately wanted short hair and that’s how I came to get this hairstyle 🙂 I tend to modify it from time to time, dyed it… but the principle stays: it’s still short. 😀

Do you like long or short hair? Any opinions?

An Evil Nymph.