5 Reasons Why I Prefer Evil Characters

therese desqueyroux françois mauriacLes « coeurs sur la main » n’ont pas d’histoire ; mais je connais celle des coeurs enfouis et tout mêlés à un corps de boue.

This French quote from François Mauriac very much describes my main motivation for siding with evil characters in my stories. I can’t really translate it though, because in English it won’t have that same impact it had on me, you see… The French language has a particular (charming and poetic) style that I just can’t reproduce in English. But basically, Mauriac tells us that he prefers to write on those who are ‘evil’ and unconventional instead of those who are good and virtuous.

I can totally understand why. (And I totally understand Mauriac thus that’s why I’m in love with his book, Thérèse Desqueyroux).

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My Weirdo Story

This is only a warning to an upcoming post I am currently writing and that when I’m re-reading it I feel I am tthe only one to understand it. So just a little background on my imagination…

The post is about my frustration: I’m currently in bad terms with my cousin who is abroad, a cousin with which I’ve always lived, like a brother.

It also conveys my obsession – “love” is not strong enough I guess… – for Arthurian legends; my interest in the mystery of life i.e reincarnation, past lives etc… and the strong belief that legends and myths did exist in a way…

I’m a sort of dreamy not-in-this-world writer girl.

Don’t judge me.

Accept it 🙂

PS: I just love writing that’s why I can post almost anything, from sense to nonsense! xD

My 21 Favourite Movies (in particular themes)

For all movies that I will mention, go to imb.com for more info on any films.

I just watched The Rite yesterday night at home and it was… awesome! 🙂 I’ve missed movies like that since I last saw The Season of a Witch with Nicholas Cage! I might be a girl but that’s one of my type of movies – war, history, myth, medieval times, magic, but not necessarily horror and especially whatever movies with priets and demons in it! ^^ though I’ve never been on the priests’ sides… 😉 except when they’re as handsome as Nicholas Cage!

By the way the list is not in a particular order. It depends purely on my sole memory. 😛

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