A Story In Real Life: Trapped In Storyland

Here’s this week’s Picture It & Write:

real life characters


Aiden looked up at the white paper sky. He often wondered what lay behind this sheet of clouds. People passed by him. He knew that they all thought that he was crazy. But he knew that he was not.

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The Impersonifications of A Teenage Girl

On one of my inspiring nights, my pen started to write…

copybook with handwriting

Alright so I wrote about 2 pages recto verso + half next page…

I was writing about my life in all… how it changed/evolved since I entered secondary school when I was 11.

And you know what. My teenage life has been full of impersonifications! I guess I’m still trying to find my true self…

Anyway, I think I’ll copy what I wrote so that you can get to know a little bit more about me personally… I feel the need to type it down…

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TV Series Just Eat Me Alive

Something you should know about me: I can get easily emotionally attached to well-written books and good-plotted movies. I’m also a bit stoical because I almost never cry or whatever… even if sometimes I want to as sometimes it can be good for me.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ve seen that my latest tweets talk about the fact that I’ve finished to watch the whole Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) series yesterday.

terminator robot cameron

I yet have to watch the movies of The Terminator in 1984 onwards 😀 (so excited for that!)

Back to TSCC: This is a series that really touched me and that I fully watched. I usually like very few tv series because the more I grow up the more I expect specific things from movies or books or series… if you get what I mean.

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Do People Change? Or Do My Eyes Open At Last??

Do you believe in reincarnation? In legends? Myths? Other insignificant things? Well as a -personal- writer, I sometimes do, especially when I have to write on these themes… And sometimes, I really feel myself INTO it…

I’m not superstitious but sometimes I like to be as if I was 🙂

My name is Morgan, and I can be evil, if I want, only to people I really loathe.

My name is Daphne and I am a nymph…

I write a blog, an Evil Nymph’s blog…

I can be pitiless, but I can laugh.

I can believe in dreams – literally i.e. dreams you have when you sleep – that become real.

I can believe that I was a sorceress’s reincarnation.

I can imagine that my favourite cousin was previously Arthur Pendragon, therefore, my brother.

I can think that one day my “brother” and I would quarrel and never be friends again… like the legend says… although it seems impossible because Arthur and I are ONE. Best Cousins Ever.

morgan le fay on Avalon isle

But what I could not believe was that everything I believed could indeed be true.

This year was a different one, like any others. But this year, Arthur and I are really going to end in bad terms. I’m so frustrated by him! He ends up swearing and says idiot things! I can’t stand him anymore!

Therefore, my imagination starts to wander…

Did the Arthurian legend really comes from true facts? Did Morgan and Arthur really existed? As a writer I believe so.

But then are events of the past really repeting themselves after so many centuries!?

Very interesting thought to muse on…

My Weirdo Story

This is only a warning to an upcoming post I am currently writing and that when I’m re-reading it I feel I am tthe only one to understand it. So just a little background on my imagination…

The post is about my frustration: I’m currently in bad terms with my cousin who is abroad, a cousin with which I’ve always lived, like a brother.

It also conveys my obsession – “love” is not strong enough I guess… – for Arthurian legends; my interest in the mystery of life i.e reincarnation, past lives etc… and the strong belief that legends and myths did exist in a way…

I’m a sort of dreamy not-in-this-world writer girl.

Don’t judge me.

Accept it 🙂

PS: I just love writing that’s why I can post almost anything, from sense to nonsense! xD