Stop Procrastination!

After two months of summer vacation, who would be ready to jump on copybooks and go to school? Not I. It’s hard to suddenly change the routine. School looks so boring compared to whatever we did during the holidays. We feel lazy. We don’t want to face reality: that we have to work.

Thursday was the very first day of 2012’s school year. As here we follow the British education system, I’m now thus in Lower 6 (which makes me feel more mature by the way! lol). As usual I yawned after waking up because I’m struggling to aceept the fact that I have to be up early – same at night I have to sleep early – and wearing a green tunic everyday.

school uniforms

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Do People Change? Or Do My Eyes Open At Last??

Do you believe in reincarnation? In legends? Myths? Other insignificant things? Well as a -personal- writer, I sometimes do, especially when I have to write on these themes… And sometimes, I really feel myself INTO it…

I’m not superstitious but sometimes I like to be as if I was 🙂

My name is Morgan, and I can be evil, if I want, only to people I really loathe.

My name is Daphne and I am a nymph…

I write a blog, an Evil Nymph’s blog…

I can be pitiless, but I can laugh.

I can believe in dreams – literally i.e. dreams you have when you sleep – that become real.

I can believe that I was a sorceress’s reincarnation.

I can imagine that my favourite cousin was previously Arthur Pendragon, therefore, my brother.

I can think that one day my “brother” and I would quarrel and never be friends again… like the legend says… although it seems impossible because Arthur and I are ONE. Best Cousins Ever.

morgan le fay on Avalon isle

But what I could not believe was that everything I believed could indeed be true.

This year was a different one, like any others. But this year, Arthur and I are really going to end in bad terms. I’m so frustrated by him! He ends up swearing and says idiot things! I can’t stand him anymore!

Therefore, my imagination starts to wander…

Did the Arthurian legend really comes from true facts? Did Morgan and Arthur really existed? As a writer I believe so.

But then are events of the past really repeting themselves after so many centuries!?

Very interesting thought to muse on…