A 100 Thank You’s!

This is to tell you that… I reached a 100 subscribers on my YouTube vlogging channel!!! 😀 


I know it may not seem much to many people but for me it is a great deal. I’m really touched that a 100 of you have decided to stay by my side on my video blogging journey. And I hope to see more of you as I continue on my adventure!

And such a coincidence: I just did my channel trailer, which officially describes my channel… as a channel!

Here it is:

So… any comments? 🙂

Have a great weekend!

An Evil Nymph.

Saying Goodbye To Vlogging…

Here’s the way I say goodbye to vlogging… temporarily! At least until my exams are over.

bye to vlogging

Time flew so quickly… I can’t believe that exams are at my doorstep!!

Wish me luck!

And stay awesome 🙂 Like sticky notes are.

An Evil Nymph.