Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I wasn’t sure which photos to post for this week’s challenge, which is Culture, since there has been nothing in my life that has been photographically culturally interesting… (lol) but, browsing through this year’s photos, I found these:

chinese dragon dance


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

All right, this week’s photographic theme is ‘up’.

I bet that, like me, most of you thought of the movie ‘Up’, am I not right? Hehe 🙂

up movieDidn’t watch it? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s such a sweet touching and fun animation!

Anyway, this isn’t what I’m contributing for the challenge, but this is:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

First of all I’d like to thank all of my readers for supporting me throughout my WordPressing journey since 1 Aug 2011, because I recently reached 100 email subscribers! 🙂 Again thank you so much!

For this week’s photo challenge, I’m going to show you the picture of the Mauritian sky (again) but this time it’s been taken at twilight, because then the very first star appears. And it’s simply mesmerising.

mauritian sky

Do you see the little white dot on the right side of the photograph?

Yes, it’s simple as that.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

I’ve been following The Daily Post since I’m on WordPress but I’ve never had the occasion to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, which consists of take photos related to a particular theme, until now, because I’d always forget it.

But this week I reminded myself to take photos of what is Comfort to me!

comfort in writing

Sometimes when I’m upset I seek comfort in writing out my feelings, or simply writing anything, from an idea to a short story. These are my copybooks that I use of story ideas, songs, learning languages (only partly because I always get bored when grammar comes in LOL), wishes, etc.

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