The ‘Unpredicted’ Series

‘Unpredicted’ is a mini series of short stories inspired by every week’s Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia.

It’s about a girl named Clare who has a passion for acting but who inevitably falls for the weirdest of guys, a scriptwriter called Caleb. Her life stumbles into a cyclone of secrets that is gradually going to be revealed…

Reminder: The progress of the story depends on the picture given each week.

1. Your Eyes… And Mine

2. An Escape Attempt (keep scrolling for this one, it’s at the very end of the post!)

3. The Love Key… Among Others

4. This Is Your Life. And It’s All You’ve Got.

5. Destructive Yet Inspiring

6. Reflection

7. Those Dreams That Are Blurry

8. Bites And Kisses

9. The Fog: It Hides…

10. To Become A Vampire

11. Time And Its Little Secrets

12. Black And White Magic

13. The Flower Of Life

14. The Mirror Of Your Dreams

15. Tempted

16. The Distorted: You Kissed Me To Death

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