Let’s Re-Learn The Alphabet!

Some weeks ago I received my first ABC award from Kweschn! and it is only now that I’m able to place it in my blogging schedule. This is no ordinary award, because the rules are unique and fun!

abc award

I’d first like to thank Kweschn! for nominating me 🙂 Here’s the original post if you want to check it out: http://kweschn.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/abc-for-me-abc-for-you/

Thank you for being a frequent reader of my blog too!

Rules to this award:

1. There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you pass this on to.

2. Share some things about you, but alphabetically, just a word or two starting with each letter of the alphabet.

I’d like to reward this award to…

My story to you..
The Way I Live Naturally
April Denton
Gerry’s Space
Any Lucky Penny
The Narcissist’s Blog
The Positive Page
Your Daily Dose

And now everything about me in an alphabetical order 😀

A – Amphibian: I wish I were.

B – Blogging is so my favourite hobby!

C – Creative 🙂 and let me add to that: Crazy!! xD

D – Dreamer… and I’m not the only one♪ -Lennon-

E – Emo hairstyles: I’m totally in love!

F – Fun-size! Instead of saying short/small…

G – Girl, yes I am.

H – History of Europe was one of the subjects I wish to pursue one day when I’ll already have a stable life and I’d have nothing to do with my money… 😛

I – Independent: I hope I am! I certainly will anyway… I have to!

J – Jealous? Who isn’t anyway?

K – Karma: believe it or not. I do.

L – Legends… love them!

M – Morgan Le Fay: my idol!

N – Nymph! I love this creature of the Greek Myth…

O – Optimist? My glass always remains half-full. 🙂

P – Pretending to be a Psychologist to myself ^^

Q – Queen Elizabeth College: that’s where I’m studying right now.

R – Reserved: I’m trying to work on that.

S – Shy. 😛

T – Terminator (SCC): epic and unforgettable for me.

U – Unique! Like everybody else. (antithesis?! Haha)

V – Vampire! Twilight spoilt their true values (sorry to Twilight fans) but doesn’t mean that I’d stopped loving them.

W – Writing is my passion!

X – X-woman! I wish I had super powers.

Y – Yoda: my favourite Star Wars character. I was so sad where he died!!

Z – Zebra? LOL I’m not very fan of zebras but I love the black and white style.

Have fun!

An Evil Nymph.

25 thoughts on “Let’s Re-Learn The Alphabet!

  1. TSCC!!! I miss the series! can’t believe they ended at the Hunter / Killer drone scene, it was too soon for it I’ll admit but I expected summer glau to go all terminator on it 😀

    Thank you for the nomination! 🙂

      1. I got a little tired of Bale to be honest, I first saw him in Batman and then I saw him on “The Prestige” and then again on Terminator? I mean seriously! stop hoarding the limelight buddy!

        Yes, I got the tag thank you my dearest Rebecca! I shall get to it very soon, I may very well drive up and tag you in person! 😛

        Back to TSCC though, know what? the drone in the show looked better than the terminator series combined lol!

      2. my thoughts exactly!
        Why couldnt Bale just slither off to the shadows like the snake he was, before he ruined a good franchise!
        tag me in person? you have to catch me first 😉 lol
        everything was better in the series. Summer glau and Garrett Dillahunt (john Henry) was better than Arnold any day of the weak! Not to mention Shirley Manson…Let me just say I drooled alot when she turned to be a T9000 i think it was.

  2. Your ABC list is so awesome! Thanks for passing this onto me, it means a lot comin’ from you 🙂
    I think since I’ve already done an ABC list of who I am, I’ll do one of who/what I want to be. Then I can have some goals to reach for! =P

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