To be or not to be… Tagged! [Crazy Game Going Around WordPress]

Wait?? What just happened? When I entered the WordPress homepage I saw to my delight that there was a new tab next to my name ‘New Post’. I decided to use this shortcut to write today’s post… and what the heck?? Everytime I changed the title, the post got officially published! Come on!  I haven’t even written anything in it yet!

Anyway I won’t reuse the shortcut again!

Coming to today’s post…

There’s a contagious crazy game spreading around WordPress and it’s the famous ‘Tag You’re It!’ tag. 😛

And yes as you’ve already guessed…

I've been tagged

I’d like to thank the 4 awesome bloggers who have tagged me:

1. Andy – My story to you..

2. Shira – The Way I Live Naturally

3. April Denton – Just Me, a blackheart Poetess

4. Teri – The Narcissist’s Blog

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Abracadabra! It’s gone by itself!

Indeed I guess this should be in my list of WordPress complications!

One day I was posting something… as usual… and when after some googling – my favourite activity lol! – I decided to check my post in its final state… WordPress said that it got ERROR 404!!! And as internet nerds you all know what this means!! (it means: my post cannot be found!)

For an instant I thought it was like the other day when my post got suddenly blank after having written it for 45 mins! But it was not this kind of complication. It was fortunately less serious.

What really happened: When WordPress told me “Congrats! This is your # post! ****! This post has # words.”, in fact he was LYING! It had been too lazy to publish my post. Therefore my post just stayed where it has always been: in the drafts! So I just reclick the PUBLISH button and this time I checked immediately whether it’s been GENUINELY posted. Ouf! It was! yay!

Now I click on “View Post” each time I publish a post. In case my readers got a mail about a post that has never been.

I guess most of you did experience this… just that sometimes you don’t bother check your posts and you think they’re being read when they’re NOT! That’s how people end up complaining about “Oh I’ve got so few readers!” lol no the last part was just kidding ;D

Yours WordPressing,

An Evil Nymph.

What again??

What?? I’ve got more than 60 Spam comments? Are they really spam or not? Is the worpress spam detector good? How should I know?

Stupidly, I chose some comments that made sense and approved them only to realise some minutes after that indeed they are all spam as they all have the same style! (and often they are the same…)

But hey I sometimes feel so lonely here… and some of the comments matched the article…

Anyway fortunately I permanently deleted all the rest which were not yet approved. Silly I am! Now there are some spam comments approved on the blog! Anyway now I’ve activated the askimet widget on my blog 🙂

Conclusion: The spam detector in wordpress is awesome! Thanks wordpress at least something that provides satisfaction!

This is a Test!!!

Hey!! Got my visual mode BACK!! So nice! If you want to know how I did it:

Just enable compatibility view on your browser for 🙂 and also go to Dashboard > Settings > Writing > and check the box: WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically  

Nice! Therefore I’ll be posting soon!

Well I don’t think I’ll be posting the draft I lost in 45 mins though cause that case is too depressing for me! I’ll have to search for something else…

Stay in tune!

PS: Look at that: Each time I used to go to my dashboard a box would tell me to update my browser to Internet Explorer 9 and now that I’ve did it it now says that I’m using an insecure browser and tells me to update again!? The hell with that! I got my visual mode back!

WordPress is an unforgettable blogging site!! Both in good and bad ways…

I just lost 45 mins in writing

Writing… then when I tried to publish my post… the preview is empty!! BLANK!!! No post! Only the title! I can’t tell how I feel frustrated about this! And now I can’t even write in Visual mode…. I have to stick to the HTML! And I see the word count is 0??
Anyone ever had this problem?? If so share your experience in the comments tab!
I can’t believe it’s only been 2 days since I began to write in WordPress…

I think I’m WAY too dramatic!


So I’ve just barely started to use WordPress and after 4 posts I get notified that my blog has been deactivated because I violate their terms!! This really turned me down! Fortunately there was a link to contact the staff in case it was just an error. I didn’t understand how my blog could already have been reported so I begin to dramatize! As a ‘writer’ I began to imagine lots of scenario: how will be my evening without be able to post these new fresh blog ideas that got into my mind while I was eating??!!

Therefore I contacted them of course and here’s what I wrote:

“I’ve only registered to WordPress some hours before I got deactivated. I had the time to customise my blog, which is a random stuff blog, for everyone’s leisure, and post 4 posts… and hop! deactivated. I think it is an error as I don’t blog for advertising or promotion and I don’t even blog to get money or whatsoever. It’s one of my favourite hobbies since I’ve started on Blogger so I just wanted to try here… Please reactivate my blog! I’m only a girl 16 that needs to escape the stress of life by writing and sharing!”

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