Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual – I kind of like this word. I’ve always been considering myself as unusual, and everyone should too because we are all unique. And what is unique, is out of the ordinary, thus… bizarre! 🙂

When I think of unusual, some many things can come to my mind.

Unusual can be something that you’ve never seen/experienced before…

zoo of children

A breaking new innovation: zoos of children!

(don’t worry, no children has been harmed or forced into a cage… it’s an optical photo illusion ^^)

Unusual can be something so beautiful that it’s just so weird that it exists in this flawed world…

trees with no leaves always dry

I’m always awed at these trees… They’re dry all the time, as if winter is permanent for them and only flowers bloom on their branches, no leaves. And they’re so symmetric, yet each is original in its own way…

And unusual can finally mean something like sci-fi in real life!

magical photo effect

My sister was surprised to find that her hand was dissolving into thin air! I couldn’t miss that! 😀 

Magical, weird, eerie, mesmerising… unusual has many interpretations. What is yours?

An Evil Nymph.


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. I love photos that give you extrasensory experiences. Especially when the camera focuses on something I didn’t see. 🙂

  2. Ha! So good! Love your interpretations. *sigh* I gotta get back on the challenge.
    And yes, being unusual (unique) is an awesome thing! =P

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