Art And My Life

Hey guys! Just a short post to tell you that I’ve opened a Deviantart Account HERE! You will be able to see my progress in Digital Painting in there… 🙂

Read previous post if you think you’re lost about what I’m talking about.

digital painting eye

In Art there’s Passion with which Humans can create as much as they can destroy.

Write to you soon! 🙂

Yours Artistically,

An Evil Nymph.

4 thoughts on “Art And My Life

  1. Beginners eye??? OH WOW. If that’s beginners eye, I cannot wait to see where this artistic venture takes you. Nice work! Daph, I was stunned by your age! You seem older to me in your thoughtulness, writings and arts. Born gifted is what I believe you are 🙂

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