I’m Officially A Freelance Writer!

Of course, you don’t actually have to be published to be called a ‘writer’, and you don’t have to be paid to write or blog to be called a ‘freelance writer’.

Yet, here I am, finally and officially calling myself a ‘freelance writer’. Yes, I got a writing job! It’s more of a part-time kind of freelancing as I am super busy with university as a full-time student.

In any case, I’m working for the Vulcan Post, an online technology and lifestyle magazine based in Singapore and Malaysia. Since I currently live in Malaysia, I’m working under the main Malaysian branch.

This was my first contribution to the website: you can read the article HERE. I was not their freelance writer yet at that time. I actually simply found out about their website via social networks and since they had interested articles, I kept on reading, until I noticed the ‘Submit Story’ tab. Anyone can in fact contribute an article to their website. It’s all benevolent so I was not paid for that one, but I do like to write, especially in the blogging style, in which I’ve had a lot of training here 😉

After my article got accepted, the Editor asked me whether I would be interested in doing freelance/intern/full-time for them, and I eventually jumped at the opportunity. That’s my lifelong advice: jump at as many opportunities as you can… as long as you can manage them.

In any case, I just started this month, and here’s my first Vulcan Post article as a freelance writer: ‘Every Malaysian Who Keeps Forgetting To Drink Water Would Desperately Need This App’!

So yeah, I’m embarked in a new and exciting journey in the real writing world!

Wish me luck.

An Evil Nymph.


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