A Career Change

This title is misleading only because I have not had one career change, but several ones, since… forever. Today, I’d just like to share with you my surprisingly consistent career changes throughout my 1.5 years in university so far, because I realized a weird pattern out of it.

I would have an epiphany about my future plans after every single semester at that very moment when we are all revising for exams. I am currently ending my third semester, therefore, I have had three career changes so far.

First semester:

Those of you who read my blog last year, you might remember that, after reading A Beautiful Mind, I was completely into becoming a researcher. Yes, that was my first change of career plans. It’s true that, apart from being a writer, which is a dream I will always have faith in, I did not have an exact fixed career path that I wanted to take in conjunction with my studies in Psychology and Arts.

starbucks and a beautiful mind

As I was sipping my Starbucks drink, I was dreaming about becoming a researcher in a fusion of arts and psychology, thus I was determined to finish my degree (a double major in Writing and Psychology) with High Distinctions so as to enroll in the Honours year, which would eventually lead me to my PhD. Perfect linear plan.

But the whole idea started becoming quite boring as I already knew where I would go.

Second semester:

This time, I wanted some more spice in my career and I kind of still wanted to do research, but I wanted to go into criminal psychology, or criminology!IMAG0787

I was even considering going to Canada or any other country that offered Criminology (which they do not in my school) after my degree, therefore, although it was kind of still into the research field, it was more unpredictable. A little more adventurous, I would say. Besides, now the possibilities were wider: I could become a researcher, or even counsel criminals or the mentally-criminally insane!

I remember I was so caught up with this career path that I was 100% motivated to score high in my psychology major, and since this happened during the examination period, I was completely into my studies.

Third semester:

This semester was more complicated, but I believed I had come to a conclusion to my indecisive career choices: why have only one dream when we can just have many and make them all come true? One at a time. We can be so many things, we have time. I can become a researcher after my degree and still become a full-time writer a decade later.

But what I really wanted to do was… to be an Art Director, in theatre. Because of the amazing experiences in my university’s Performing Arts Club, as I briefly mentioned in my previous post.


Yet, I still want to pursue psychology and hopefully, one day become a Mental Health First Aid instructor.

In the end, I realised that I had many dreams and that I could pursue all of them, and even if I would not be able to accomplish them fully, I would have at least try everything. One at a time. Everything comes at their right time. I realised I could be anything, whenever and wherever. I could be an art director today, a psychologist tomorrow and a writer always.

However, recently something happened, and this thing changed my perspective of the future entirely.

You see, now, instead of looking at my dreams from one point of view, I’m seeing the whole of it from the perspective of a pair, of two people.

Since then, everything has evolved for the better, though it will be more challenging to make both ends of our respective dreams meet but I believe in us and I want to make things work now and in the future.

I want to become an art director, a writer, a MHFA instructor, with him at my side.

An Evil Nymph.

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