Beauty Isn’t What Makes You Beautiful

Alright now you might be thinking that I’m going to lecture you on the fact on which everyone babbles about yet never really apply it in their minds: that beauty lies in the soul, in one’s personality, and not in exterior beauty.

Yes, I don’t disagree with that.

But I’ve found that the real problem is how to make your beautiful personality visible? I mean, I know for all of us, especially women, it’s hard to believe that we are beautiful, because every morning our mirror claims otherwise. We know that we have amazing personalities but only we know. What about the others then? It’s hard for them to break the ice to finally reach this beauty that lies inside, and most of them just won’t bother digging. So how to make the link between interior and exterior beauty?

And before you click out of this page, which I hope you won’t, let me tell you that the solution isn’t about makeup and hair or clothes.

It’s much more than that.

Has any of you watched Black Swan?

It’s an epic, eerie and beautiful movie. Now, I want to draw your attention to the two main girls:

Natalia Portman (left photo) and Mila Kunis (right photo). Two beautiful actresses and ballet dancers in the movie. Yet it is to Mila that we might physically feel more attracted to. Why is that? Is it because Natalia plays a shy and serious girl whereas Mila takes up the role of the fearless and daring one? Not necessarily.

What is it then? If it’s not the personality or the looks, what is the magic potion that can make anyone Beautiful?

Well, it’s simply a matter of attitude.


Some girls think that they have to be excessive and provoking to attract attention and therefore to feel wanted and beautiful. But this is not true.

Black Swan inspired me a lot to write this post. Because once Natalia succeeds in the end, she is the same, yet totally different. She is still the shy concentrated girl we knew at the beginning, but with more grace and determination in her eyes and movements.

Beauty is all about the way you walk, the way you smile to people, the way you are confident and trust in yourself. These things doesn’t relate to the personality at all. Anyone can raise their self-esteem; anyone can lift their head up and look straight in front of them while walking with a determined face.

This is how beauty becomes attitude. This is how you make the link between interior and exterior beauty. There will be no need for digging anymore. People will only have to look at you, into your passionate eyes and will instantly forget the difference between physical and mental beauty. Haven’t you noticed that some people can wear just about anything and they still look beautiful? Well you know the secret now.

From now on I want everyone to concentrate on your attitude.

Because this is what makes you beautiful. 🙂

By the way this is my adapted version of Black Swan Trailer to Merlin BBC series:

Enjoy, beauties! 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “Beauty Isn’t What Makes You Beautiful

  1. i totally agree with u..not everyone can be beautiful by appearance but still one can catch our attention because they carry themselves well.. many times i too underestimate myself, people compliment me for my dressing sense some even says m hot or cute but i don’t totally agree which isn’t good… but after reading your post now i think it’s a high time to wear that attitude and throw a little as one of my friend suggested me to 😉

    1. I also have a low self-esteem myself too… Sometimes all we need is some boosting up 🙂 That’s was the aim of this post – because we’re all human and we need to be helped and encouraged… to see things in a clearer and inspiring way. Thank you! Yes let’s begin at once!

  2. I think beauty is the coming together of several things. If I see a sexy lady… I would say she is attractive physically, but beauty is much more deeper than a temporary fluctuation of lust and appeal within societal conditioning. A beautiful woman to me is someone who is natural in appearance (i.e. no make-up or hardly any), can look attractive without wearing tight clothes and/or showing some skin (it’s most off-putting to see a pair of breasts half hanging out or partly visible), acts positively and has confidence. A woman with knowledge and confidence automatically puts herself in a strong position in any relationship/friendship.

  3. Yeah i saw the movie Black Swan, no wonder why Natalie got Academy award for her role. She was tremendous. I Like this post!!! I completely agree with you. Attitude – it includes everything about a person; its the way we carry ourselves & I don’t think this post is applicable only for feminine gender, its for both. Since, here you are talking about beauty it denotes girls obviously, but soul factor is common for everybody. I hope i am right!!! Reply your thoughts. 😉

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes indeed a confident self-disciplined man is very attractive to watch too – beauty applies to both sexes. After all deep inside we all universally the same… human beings nothing else 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Hot chocolate and books and commented:
    Now that you’ve said it, I have to agree with you Daphne. Our attitudes tell the world what kind of person we are. Thanks for the eye opener, others should read this too 🙂

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