New Year’s Vid!

Hey this is just a short post to show you how my family and I celebrated the last midnight gong together… with the longest firecrakers!


It’s the worse editing I’ve ever done LOL because this was filmed with my s2 and it was the first time that I was using it for this purpose and the thing is that the video was upside down when I imported it into the laptop so I had to meddle with my Sony Vegas a little bit…

Anyway hope you all had fun!

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “New Year’s Vid!

    1. LOL well let’s say that my ‘new year’ is mainly in May-June… it’s around my birthday that I start to change. 😛 But I think that this year will mostly make me turn to seriously writing again, so I’m going to sort of coming back to a previous hobby, the one I had when I was 12 🙂 2011 was definitely blogging ^^ Anyhway come back in June and I’ll tell you my final answer xD

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