What I Hate/Love About Living In Malaysia

Hey everyone!!! If you were wondering, no my Malaysian plane didn’t crash!

I just took my time to settle and adapt to the new environment… and finish all the paperwork concerning the fact that I’m an international student.

malaysia selfie

And now I’m free until Wednesday! (when classes will started)

So, the last time I was in Malaysia, I was there as a tourist, but upon arriving last week I realised that being a tourist and being a temporary resident are entirely different! Obviously, the latter is the hardest one. Thus, instead of 10 Awesome Things I did in Malaysia (my 2 year old post), here’s a more balanced post about things I love but also things I actually don’t like at all here (yes I was so stunned that such a list could even exist for Malaysia!).

Since I like to be optimistic, I’ll start with the ‘bad news’ first 😉



It is way too hot and way too dry, and if you are easily dehydrated like me… it will be really hard to adapt to that suffocating air that I have to breathe everyday when I’m not in an air-conditioned room. I actually had a lot of difficulty breathing properly for the first few days (with some level of dizziness as well) and it scared me, because I thought I would never be able to go out, eat out in the streets where everything is cheaper (which is awesome for a student like me with a budget) and better in taste (if you love local food like me)! However after one week… I feel much better (no more respiratory problems so far) and I think in one month I’ll be even more at ease going outside.

Tip: drink a lot of water!!! And I also leave my window open especially at night to let air flow in and out… (unfortunately my air-con usage is limited where I live at the moment so…)


Maybe for many of you a grey sky and an air filled with smoke is normal but I come from Mauritius and switching from a blue sky and fresh air to this…

pollution sunset

…is CRAZY!!! That’s a sunset from my window by the way lol. Such a drastic difference.

But I think these are the only two problems I’ve had concerning Malaysia so far… (mind you I’ve been here for only one week and two days xD)

Fortunately there’s a few plants and trees and greens in my school and so I can get my familiar windy and fresh (although not as much as in Mauritius) weather especially in the morning, near the cafeteria… which is exactly where I am right now blogging!!!



1. THE FOOD!!! 

Of course!!! You get such a variety here… and I’m not a choosy person at all concerning food. I eat everything!!!

From Taiwanese…

taiwanese food

…to Korean…

korean food

…to my awesome favourite European ice cream… 😉

haagen dazs malaysia

…to the local typical Malaysian food!!!

nasi lemak

There’s so much more as well!!! Eating never gets boring here!


In Mauritius everything goes to sleep at 5-6 p.m.

But here… the night is so lively! And I’m not talking about clubs or bars (I’m still a student on a budget) but of this:

night life

It’s always so beautiful outside at night! This photo was taken when I was returning home from having had dinner in a local street restaurant. And it’s illuminated everyday!!! And there’s more of it of course. I feel like it’s Mauritian Christmas everyday!


Hahaha do I even have to say anything about this??? There’s such a variety (both Asian and European and American) of stores and shops and malls.

Like… I would never have thought of having a big Forever 21 store in my town!!!

Oh and I won’t talk about the bookstore. (It’s AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!)

There’s even a shop which bears my name:


4. Malaysian hospitality.

Malaysian people, regardless of their religion or anything, are nice. They are just so nice.


So that’s all I got to say about my experience in Malaysia so far. 😉

I’ll try to blog once a week to keep you updated although I can’t say since I don’t know how it’ll be once my classes will start.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

An Evil Nymph.

10 thoughts on “What I Hate/Love About Living In Malaysia

  1. Great to hear that you are settling in – Amen to the drink lots of water! Your shot of the smog reminds me that London used to be like that… though it still can get pretty hazy 😉

    Quick sidestep back to your vlog about classics… You forgot to mention your namesake – Daphne Dumaurier and her books Rebecca and Jamaica Inn. She also wrote the short story The Birds which hitchcock made into a film:-)

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