Sneak-Peek: Blogger’s Dynamic View

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I’ve been using Blogger for some months and I was pretty surprised to see such a “dynamic” improvement. First of all Blogger has recently launched a new Blogger interface – new dashboard design. Then came these dynamic views! It just didn’t seem like Blogger. These themes are awesome!

But like any other, there’re both pros and cons.


As I mentioned before, Blogger has made much improvement in the blogging world. All this was so unexpected. Congrats Blogger! 🙂

These dynamic views are much easier to use than the usual blog designs. It’s quicker and as readers all the posts are like almost animated, you can just let your mouse fly through the photos and take a glimpse of a post in a second. It’s much better than scrolling down and down… I prefer the mosaic one. It really makes me feel like I’m in a kaleidoscopic world. It seems professional, neat and modern.

In brief it makes your blog posts more easily accessible – may them be old or new – thus the whole of your blog can be appreciated, not only the most recent post.


The dynamic views lack personal touch. They’re all of the same colour and therefore we might end up in a blogging world where everyone has the same blog – you know what I mean. When I tried it, my background and banner just vanished! I didn’t like that at all – it like my blog has lost his identity and originality.

It’s way too like WordPress I’d say, and for Blogger to stand out it would have been better if the idea was more original than that. Come on, I have two blogs: one in WordPress and the other in Blogger. Why did I choose two different hosting sites? Because I wanted different styles of blogs… so I can’t accept to have Blogger change to a WordPress style.


I stayed with my old blog design. Didn’t shift the dynamic views. It’s not fit for a makeup blog. But for photographers and daily life bloggers, I’d strongly recommended them! It just depends on your blogging theme.

Take it or leave it.

Your opinions are welcomed in the comment box below 🙂

Blogging Yours,

An Evil Nymph.

4 thoughts on “Sneak-Peek: Blogger’s Dynamic View

  1. Thanks for the scoop on the choice awards and for your blog information. I’m so techno-stunned that I only just got the hang of, well sort of, and they changed it on me! LOL I don’t think I’ll try anything new for a while, it’s hard enough managing email, Facebook, Twitter,, and my ‘real’ life in the real world. Admire how you find the time to do research like this amid your studies. Your brain never stops does it? Lucky for all of us who follow you, LOL 🙂 Happy Weekend, MD

    1. You’re welcome! Hehe well many times I get the comment – especially from my mom – that I think too much LOL (the whole point of this blog :P) It’s not as easy though. But I love blogging and twitter and studies and all… 🙂 it’s hard but I’m dedicated to them all! Thanks have a nice weekend too!

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