Hey! I’m finally back to Picture it & Write 🙂 But I won’t be continuing The Unpredicted series though…

Anyway, enjoy my contribution!


It was over.

She fell back onto the soft black velvet couch and let her phone slide down from her palm and fall onto the red carpet. It was over, even before it ever started. She did not cry though. She was out of tears. She was not surprised either. She had known this would happen.

But she felt terribly empty… and lonely.

She stared down at the little black silky bag waiting patiently in her lap. It felt heavy. She slowly opened it and dejectedly let all the contents fall onto the couch next to her.

A waterfall of diamonds.

Pure diamonds, small, yet which shone like stars on the black velvet. Her hand went through them, feeling their coldness and hard surface. If she had had opened this gift from her father for Christmas a few hours earlier, she would have been awed. It was indeed a beautiful present.

Yet, as she stared at those little stones, she felt nothing.

“You are a diamond,” her father used to say to her. “And one day, you will shine just like them, and rule over every other precious stones on this planet.”

His predictions have been right. After having graduated in commerce and marketing, she had ambitiously opened an enterprise which soon made a fortune. Now her parents could live comfortably, and she could have everything she wanted – from expensive cars to houses around the world…

What her father did not predict was that she would also be as hard and cold as a diamond. No one could ever reach out to her inner person, just like no one could not break a diamond.

Thus, there was something she was never able to have: love.

All her attempts at having a relationship had been in vain. Fortunately, she was a strong woman and could quickly get over a heartbreak.

But this man completely changed her perception of love.

She had never believed in love at first sight. Now she did.

She had never believed that people could be haunted by love. Now she did.

She had never believed that love and lust could be great friends. Now she did.

She had never loved and desired someone so much.

One year has passed already since she had met him and still her feelings were unchanged. This had never happened to her.

Her senses have never been more alert to his haunting eyes, his soft skin, his hypnotizing perfume… She could detect him without the need to see him. He was her prey.

A prey, but she was the one to be afraid. She was afraid of such strong love.

Because she knew that he did not love her in return.

The fear of having her pride hurt, of having a heartbreak had paralysed her. Everything she had struggled to learn in terms of seduction always used to vanish at his approach. Thus, she had tried to suppress her feelings…

They were friends. But one day, she could not help it.

“I love you,” she had told him.

He had said nothing.

She knew that there has never been hope, yet, like a silly little girl, she hoped.

But this time, on the phone, they discussed, once and for all.

It was over even before they started to talk.

An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Bah! Poor girl. I absolutely love the line about how lust and love can be great friends. I definitely agree with that statement! I like to think I have that with my partner. 😉 You don’t have to trade one for the other at all. You just have to keep looking! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write.

    – Ermisenda

  2. So is it over, is this really it? You’ve given up so easily I thought you loved me more than this. If it’s, be upfront and honest. If a relationship is over, it’s over…but be sure its over and settled before you start messing with someone else. I didn’t leave because I didn’t love you. I left you because you never asked for me to stay. You treated me like I was replaceable; I show you that you are. You made me an option, now I’m going to make you history. Lost and forgotten.

  3. Such heartbreak! This was surely a sad piece, when she just began to have such feelings towards a man and it couldn’t be returned, but I loved it. I liked how you compared her to the diamonds, how she herself saw the likeness, I think most people would only see the beauty like her father had but not the hardness. I believe a good many of these diamonds that when they do come around they’re the ones that love the most ardently.

  4. That is heart breaking. To love with all you got and the other just takes it for granted. In a way I am hoping she will find the strength to overcome the pain, the loss, the very love and move on. With her heart of love and generosity, she will find the one that will make her happy and love her the way should be loved. Whew! that is one awesome writing. Beautiful. Wishing you and your family all the joys, love and peace of the holidays.

  5. Good job, MD. I like how you explored the diamonds in more than one way. “I love you” can be such a steep cliff. I couldn’t help thinking with a couple of changes, you could have made this the final Unpredicted entry.

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