Just Like in the Movies…

After a whole week of celebrations – wedding anniversary, birthday, christening (yes and I’m the lucky godmother!! :D), etc… it’s finally time for me to rest…

Um wait, what?

Rest? haha still dreaming.

Yesterday I went to my first Alliance Française course for the year – it’s a course I take every year on French and especially in Literature. At the year end which is in July in this system, I have to take part in exams of course.

But this year is different because I’m shifting. I’m going a class higher, and because in my village they don’t have teachers available at that higher stage, I have to move out to town. So from now on, every Monday and possibly Tuesday, I have to travel to town to attend the classes. It’ll be tiring especially when school will start again, but well I have no other choice.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you today is that yesterday, my first course was… um interesting.

And just like in the movies…

I felt so lonely.

lonely girl clipart

A column of stairs appeared before me as I entered the clean, modern building. Some young teens were waiting on the porch, amybe waiting for their parents to pick them up. I went upstairs, slowly, but steadily.

Thump, thump, thump.

My tennis black shoes echoed as they hit the polished tiled floor. I went into a familiar library – I borrowed french books from there – and asked the attendant where was the class for les premières… He motioned to the next door, just in front of him. I entered reluctantly, stunned to see about a dozen of students present. They all already knew each other as they were together last year and maybe the years before. As I took a random place in the middle, I guess they all stared at me. I did not speak and only watched around.  Not a bad room 🙂 white everywhere… abundance of chairs and tables, whiteboard… oh the usual.

I was the newbie, the weirdo. 😛

As I watched more students coming in, shaking hands with the others, chatting… I had the impression that I was in a movie, where the protagonist always remains alone on her/his first day at school… I was suddenly eager to begin the course, though the teacher was not present yet. I felt lonely and uneasy, but also fascinated and excited…

I’m a weirdo, I told you so. xD

Anyway the magic of just like in a movie got shattered as a friend of mine unexpectedly came into the room. I was so glad! I went to sit beside her and we began to talk. She was a newbie too lol! Such a coincidence!

So finally I was not in a movie anymore. I had company. I was a normal girl attending AF courses… 😛 disappointed? maybe… I like movies… but I’m relieved as well, as I’m going back today! 😛

Our teacher is very kind and explains very well! 🙂 Like her a lot!! She knows how to capture our attention and make us at ease.

Well I hope I’ll make friends with the others too… as time will pass…

Anyway, see ya! Gotta go!

Wish me good luck for today!

An Evil Nymph.

6 thoughts on “Just Like in the Movies…

  1. Big bouquets of wonderful lucky thoughts growing your way as I type, Crazy Chick. 🙂 Love the way you describe things, Daphnee. My heart panged at “I felt so lonely” but was glad your movie had such a happy ending!

  2. Okay, this is going to sound dreadfully stodgy but; you’re just 16? Seiously? You have this delightful old soul quality when expressing yourself. If all people, not just teens put as much thought and honesty in their own expressions what a lovely world this could be.
    Weirdo? I think not. I think you just have the courage to be authentic.
    Thanks so much for sharing these bits about you and your life.

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